First-Hand Perspectives In FM And PTSD

Dec. 16, 2013 5:49 AM ETTNXP6 Comments
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We got an excellent comment on our Tonix article, and we wanted to make sure everyone saw it in the sea of 200+ comments:

"Wow. hahaa that was quite a read Joe. Thank you for all the info. I'm a fellow in pain management and for better or worse I get to see the fibromyalgia patients when nobody else has any luck treating them. I also rotate through the VA in pain management, so I'm very familiar with PTSD patients as well. I'll post a few comments, it's the least I can do!

1. Oral cyclobenzaprine is already prescribed off label to help patients sleep, so if TNX could actually be taken 30 minutes before bedtime instead of hours before when it is often forgotten, that is nice advantage.

2. Almost every patient seen for chronic pain, including FM, as well as the majority of patients suffering from PTSD suffer from sleep deprivation. We already know sleep deprivation adds to chronic pain syndromes. In addition, sleep deprivation and pain are associated with depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are known to increase pain and prevent proper sleep. And so on, and so on! A SL medication to help sleep is an easy addition to make to treatment regimes and could have an impact most of us can't truly understand if we aren't suffering from the vicious cycle of pain, anxiety, sleep deprivation and depression that clearly are hallmarks of FM.

3. Your opinion (or stated facts) that physicians are becoming more comfortable diagnosing fibromyalgia is correct, and despite the increasing trends in diagnoses it is STILL overwhelmingly underdiagnosed for many of the reasons you mentioned. I almost want to say you could include all "myofascial pain syndromes" and "chronic pain" patients in your analysis of who this medication would be prescribed to if it is approved for FM, based on current treatment of these patients with oral cyclobenzaprine. Not to mention its important indication for patients with PTSD.

4. Unfortunately, we don't know enough about what causes FM and we certainly don't have solid treatment options. As soon as Cymbalta and Lyrica were approved it seemed as if every patient with FM got prescriptions for them overnight. I would expect the same trend with approval of TNX.

5. With addiction and overdosing being such a HUGE issue these days, particularly in my field, the profile of TNX in regards to these issues is extremely favorable and its approval would be welcomed with open arms."

We emailed to ask if we could post this comment and share the commenter's credentials, the response:

"I completed my anesthesiology residency at Syracuse University
I am currently in my pain management fellowship at Syracuse

kind regards,
Glenn Flanagan"

Thank you Glenn!

Disclosure: I am long TNXP.

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