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Why Apple Won't Buy Another Company On The Market.

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), ADBE, BB, BKS

Apple the leader of innovation and generally making the tech industry stand up and listen. They consistently implement and add new features to new products that at times revolutionize the industry. The iPod, iPhone and iPad all changed everything, but the features themselves also revolutionized a new way of life for the world.

Now Apple is notoriously a quiet company with very little getting out about products or news, especially new company mergers or acquisition's. So this brings the argument of why Apple wouldn't or shouldn't buy a company of a large-scale that like many people keep saying is currently on the stock market. I personally believe that it would be stupid for the company to do such a thing. It would mean they are really going backwards or giving into share holder pressure, now Steve Jobs kept everyone happy with these new ideas and ensuring that the company will become a huge success that it is, but he rarely gave into many demands outside his own ideas. This is what has made the company the powerhouse that it is today. I mean the NASDAQ wouldn't look the same without it and sure enough the market as a whole would look pretty bad as well.

People keep saying that Research in Motion, Adobe or Barnes & Noble alongside many other company mentions should be bought by Apple. Now this would be great for those companies and the market but it would mean that Apple are no longer innovating, they are just buying up resources that lets be honest are of a pre school scale compared to the tech and ideas they store within the compounds of its HQ. It would mean that their future moves and projects would be constantly guessed on and people would try to work it out. We right now have very little if any idea of what will be the next few products passed the iPhone 5 and suspected iTV. Sure they probably do buy patents all the time, but that's logical in the sense that it keeps competitors away from possibly beating them to a new idea. They will keep buying companies from obscure places such as Israel, places that you wouldn't consider to have the ideas and tech needed to further push Apple ahead of everyone else. It will mean very little is known of the products these companies have and it will keep it all a mystery as to what actually happens within Apple.

The mystery and secrets that live within Apple powers our imagination and a lot of theories as to what goes on within the main compound. But this is what makes Apple that bit more special, it allows us to think of the greatest possible ideas we would want to one day have in the palm of our hands or in our homes. Apple will then give us that product which fulfils those needs or dreams. Siri for example can either be looked at as the end of human kind or the greatest tool/helper ever made.

It would be crazy for Apple to buy any company that the public and competitors have knowledge of or can gain access to. They will and need to stick with the little companies out in the hills or forests that innovate and produce outstanding ideas. Besides a lot of the large cap tech companies have at one point copied an Apple product or feature, so why go backwards when you can leave everyone guessing and left in the dust.

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