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G+ The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever. $GOOG

|Includes: FB, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

For those that haven't seen the Google Glass video go on the following link to view it. Incredible looking tech.

Google glasses could potentially be the iPhone, or iPad creation for themselves. It could have the ability to completely change the face of technology but also wipe the smirk off Apples face.
I say this because it basically puts everything into one, into your mind and eyes the world is accessible, and with augmented reality it really becomes limitless to what you can see. Now
with the recent integration of the Google system i.e. search, g-mail, Google+ etc I began to think of the bigger picture beyond the 'is Google taping into my accounts'.

Google+ is basically a market research tool for the company, by combining all of their systems and functions it allows for Google to monitor literally anything and everything to do with individuals.
All of this could be a lead up to the glasses release, allowing for a smooth transaction with all details available without having to fiddle with anything. I signed up to Google+ the other day, it's not bad considering its pretty late to the social media party. I just found it to be a bit of everything, bit of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the others which basically makes it a product for Google to show they are involved with everything still and that their technology isn't behind others. It made me think that surely the powerhouse Google won't just settle for this pretty average service, they must have something bigger in the works especially with all these rumors regarding Google branded products. I'm convinced that Google will use the integrated services together to construct a new architecture for an algo that will make the Glasses project something truly incredible.

Another situation that triggered these thoughts was the advert on television for Google+, now it could be an ignorant mindset that social media shouldn't even consider marketing, the power of trend is undeniable, so it really should hope that the masses will arrive sooner or later. It really shocked me seeing the advert as I began to think they are seriously struggling or trying to be super aggressive, either way Google+ won't become "indie" or a fashion statement for some time. It just got that bit to mainstream for the cool cats out there. Think of Twitter and Facebook these two websites don't have to pay for advertising people willingly advertise for them through various media it could be music videos or adverts Facebook and Twitter have a pretty easy path of marketing for themselves. So why on Earth would Google advertise?

Not sure about anyone else but Facebook is getting boring and slow, Twitter has now made it incredibly hard for me to not get carried away and bombard my friends with various updates. Google+ is pretty confusing right now, lots of different options to choose and just a lot of buttons to press, which really makes it that slight bit too much effort. But these little button presses and extra details make it seem like it's there as a type of questionnaire or a general way to gather information. I found without any knowledge what so ever that my Android Instagram photos were automatically being uploaded to my Google+ account, literally every single picture luckily nothing embarrassing was taken but none the less it's as if Google is attempting to build a mirror image of your life into a virtual world, for possibly augmented reality?

I probably do sound like a person with too many cats and someone who has been abducted by aliens but the way Google is marketing G+ and the fact they ARE marketing it makes me wonder that there is more than just social media services that will be available soon. The way the G+ service works and the whole integrated service works makes me think about what Google is actually doing. Apple releases products by being super secretive and causing a real commotion in the tech world, I think Google is definitely due for a product of that same nature. Google Glass could be it.

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