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BBRY - 28.6% Of Users Considering A Blackberry

|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

Smartphone users generally love their device and hate everyone else's. You see it all the time. It is juvenile, sometimes fun, but in the end, whatever works for you is what is important.

I visit on a regular basis and since the launch, there are a lot of 'New' members that sign in and trashtalk the Z10. You can tell that a lot of them don't even have the Z10 because of the way they describe the problem (totally incorrect) or they are repeating a rehash of an issue that has been resolved with a software update. I now visit a little less often because of all the 'New' members.

I started wondering - why the hate ?

Then, this silly poll (250 people - an embarrassingly low number) comes out and says 71.4% of users say "Nothing would get me to buy a Blackberry". Again, I wondered - why the hate ? Was it pageviews, stock manipulation ?

It dawned on me, I was thinking about this all wrong. 71.4% was a great number for Blackberry because now instead of no one on the planet wanting blackberry, we have 28.6% of users thinking Blackberry is an option - it has some attraction.

WOW - 28.6% of Users are Considering a Blackberry. Publish that Fact !

Disclosure: I am long BBRY.