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A Mongolian Meet Up

It is no secret that Mark and I are bullish on certain frontier and emerging markets which are somewhat uncorrelated to the West. One of our favourite countries is unquestionably Mongolia… of this we have not been shy!

We first discussed the country in a post entitled: Mongolia - The New Asian Tiger. We then went on to write about this fascinating and intriguing place another dozen times or so. Search the website just to the right of this paragraph, using the keyword: Mongolia to review all of our posts and interviews. You can also download our special Investing in Mongolia report if you haven't already.

We believe that we could make as much as 10X on our money over the next decade, if not more, investing in select Mongolian opportunities. In fact we've made over 7x on our money in just the last 12 months in one select real estate and financial services company.

We've also participated in several private placements, and have plans to participate in several more coming up.

Plus, we've partnered on-the-ground with a young, well-known Mongolian national with a proven track-record of success. Our JV is breaking ground as I write this and should be close to operational by the time of the Summit.

We have put our money where our mouth is, and we'll continue to invest in Mongolian opportunities that make sense.

Due to our readers intense interest and curiosity about Mongolia (partially our fault, I'm sure!), Chris and I have put together a VERY SPECIAL EVENT for a limited number of our subscribers. The event is first-come-first-served. There are no requirements other than a strong interest in Mongolia and a passport!

To download the Summit Agenda, CLICK HERE

To download a Registration Form, CLICK HERE

This isn't a vacation to the Gobi, it's an intensive 3-day Summit being held in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, where you'll meet members of Mongolia's Parliament, top business leaders and influencers in the country, tour local real estate developments and be exposed to unique one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Response to our original mention of the Summit has been overwhelming. While availability is still open, we recommend you send in your reservation form immediately to secure your spot. PLEASE DO NOT send in a reservation form if you have no intention of coming to the Summit. This event is extremely limited and we want everyone who sincerely has an interest to be able to attend.

We can tell you that from the confirmations we've received already, this is going to be an awesome group! Our "delegates" as we're calling those who attend, are some savvy ladies and gentlemen, to be sure. The networking and deal-making should be intense, and Chris and I literally cannot wait to get to UB and meet everyone.

We've chosen our dates carefully. Summer is an electric time to be in Mongolia. The elections are slated for the end of June, and shortly thereafter is the nationwide celebration of Naadam, so we'll experience the excitement of the season without the craziness.

The dates are July 25-28 at The Corporate Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city.

To download the Summit Agenda, CLICK HERE

To download a Registration Form, CLICK HERE

We look forward to meeting more than a few of you in UB in July!

- Chris and Mark

P.S. If you can't make it to UB in July but you have a genuine interest in Mongolia, or special opportunities in Frontier Markets in general, drop us a noteand introduce yourself.