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Seeking Alpha Interview On Gold In The Modern World

|About: Vendetta Mining Corporate (VDTAF)

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Seeking Alpha Interview

Seeking Alpha conducted an interview with some authors recently, centered around gold investments in the modern world. Here is the link to the full piece, and below are our answers again for those with little time.

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Seeking Alpha: Like most investing decisions, buys or sells of gold are informed by the macro context. The Fed raised rates at least twice this year, and the global economy has sent up some green shoots. How does that inform your investing approach, whether you focus on the actual metal, ETFs, or miners?

Itinerant: The macro environment does not seem overly supportive of a sustained gold price rally going into the new year, and I am bracing myself for more choppy sideways trading in 2018. Protecting the downside, and finding opportunities with upside regardless of short-term metal price fluctuations will be as important as ever. This approach has worked very well in 2017, and it will most likely work again in 2018. And if gold takes off after all, then I'll take that as a welcome bonus.

Seeking Alpha: How much do you pay attention to bitcoin, given it's often considered an alternative storage of wealth ala gold (if a lot newer and more speculative)? If so, what are your thoughts on its rise and or the implications for gold investors?

Itinerant: It's a bubble, and someone or something will prick it in 2018. I am staying far away from bitcoin and all its look-alikes at this stage.

Seeking Alpha: What was the big story or lesson learned for you in 2017?

Itinerant: Fatal flaws eventually bite - even if many other aspects of a project or a mine look irresistible. Primero Mining (NYSE:PPP), Tahoe Resources (NYSE:TAHO), or Torex Gold (OTCPK:TORXF) are examples of companies with apparently great projects; and all three got hit very hard in 2017 by the manifestation of flaws that investors had been very happy to ignore, as there were plenty of other attractions with these projects. It's important to identify such flaws early, resist the temptation of an otherwise attractive project, and move on. It's an old lesson, and it was resoundingly confirmed again in 2017.

Seeking Alpha: What are you preparing for in 2018? Any big themes to watch out for?

Itinerant: I am preparing for more sideways trading for gold; a moderately bullish environment for base metals; and plenty of hype in the sexy materials needed to produce EVs.

Seeking Alpha: What is one of your best ideas for 2018, and what is the story?

Itinerant: Vendetta Mining (OTC:VDTAF) is getting close to crystallizing the value of its Pegmont zinc-lead project. I am expecting a sale and a sizeable premium to the current market valuation. It's one of my high-conviction long positions going into 2018 which I have been following closely together with my subscribers for some time now.

Disclosure: I am/we are long VDTAF.