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Sell Portion Of MRG.UN To Add APTS And CRIUF

|Includes: Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. (APTS), CRIUF

After completing my due diligence on my favourite apartment REIT's, a new contender rises to the top.

I decided to reduce my exposure to Morguard's Apartment REIT for a position in APTS.

Remaining funds will be added to CRUIF over the next couple days until I can allocate more capital into investment accounts.

Morguard North American Residential REIT is one of my long-time favorite REIT's. It's ability to trade across the border and it's relatively low valuation has made it a stalwart of my account, but when I finally initiated coverage including US housed companies, there was simply too much good available in purchasing APTS to pass up. I wrote an article about it in fact. 

I was a little surprised by the results, although Morguard was on the top end of the REIT's, there were two that came up as better deals according to my methodology. At the moment I am debating continuing with Morguard due to its strengths, but have allocated to APTS as it stood out too much to ignore. 

AS I like to stay fully invested and can utilize leverage or regular capital contributions to add on weakness I have plans to use my remaining capital to invest in  OTC:CRIUF over the next week until the next opportunity arises. 

Thanks for reading, happy investing. 

Disclosure: I am/we are long APTS.

Additional disclosure: Long CRIUF and MRGU.UN on the TSE.