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S&P Competition: Week 7

Losers outnumbered winners in the seventh week, as both kennels ended up lower than they were last week. Some of the numbers may seem a bit skewed, but Q1 dividends have started coming in, and I will be entering them onto the charts as they become available.

Here's this week's numbers:

As you can see, both kennels are lower as a whole than they were last week, although the Dogs have really taken a significant hit - down 588 BPS to 2.43% from 8.31%. The biggest casualties among the Dogs were CenturyLink (NYSE:CTL) and Cliffs (NYSE:CLF), [each down by ~20% from last week], and Frontier (NYSE:FTR) down by ~ 12% from last week.

None of the Pedigrees were hit as hard as were the Dogs, although a number of them are lower than they were last week.

Disclosure: I am long PFE.