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Friday, January 27, 2012 SMDB47 Stock Market Sector Portfolio, Rankings, And Commentary Update


Most market sectors are overbought but current trends are up. Until financials start outperforming over the one year time period, or I have a decent profit, or something else changes my thought process I will remain in them.

Rankings and Ratings:

#4-Energy-Perform In Line
#5-Technology-Perform In Line
#6-Consumer Discretionary-Perform In Line
#8-Consumer Staples-Underperform
#9-Health Care-Underperform

Rank: 1=Highest; 9=Lowest
Rating: My Forecast of How I Expect The Sector To Perform Versus S&P 500 Over The Next One Year

Disclosure: I am long XLK.

Additional disclosure: I am long financials through mutual fund FIDSX