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Brain Enhancing Smart Drugs On The Rise

No one wants his or her brain to refuse to perform at its highest level. Today, smart drugs are being introduced to help persons who have a problem focusing to increase their brain capacity so that they can grasp situations better as well as boost their mental faculty. Nootropics stack supplements are now available to boost attention and memory span in persons who sometimes find it a difficult task to remember things as well as in those persons who possess full brain functions.

Over the years, the internet has offered many smart drugs on sale to the public. Today, companies are seeking to market some of the best nootropic stack drugs in retail stores to consumers in an effort to put their stamp on the supplements market.


A nootropics supplement that is growing in popularity is Alleradd. This drug promises to elevate one's energy level, help him or her to stay focused and increase his or her memory. It is also suitable for persons who might be going through stress and needs something to calm their nerves.


Another top nootropics drug that companies aim to promote more to consumers is Pramiracetam. This drug works to expand learning capacity and improve energy level in the brain by carrying out a binding process in the Acetylcholine site while at the same time encouraging the neurons. Manufacturers claim that this drug shows no side effects that will affect one's mood and will not increase or decrease anxiety.


Modafinil is a strong nootropics drug that treats sleeping disorders, especially narcolepsy. It also helps to promote one's alertness level as well as works to keep persons awake. In addition, it increases memory and gives a boost to the human mental energy. Since Modafinil is a strong nootropics drug, the advice given by experts is that it should be taken with caution.

One Pharmaceutical company to watch

OlainFarm: This pharmaceutical company that is selling nootropics drugs as well as other drugs is on the increase and in nine months has grown by 37%. Since 2014 began, the company has seen a net profit amounting to 12. 1 million euros and with sales of 69.9 million euros, which is an increase of 37%.

Third quarter sales reached a staggering 21.3 million euros which when compared with last year is an increase of 12%. During this same quarter, net profit stood at 3.2 million euros because of economic difficulties experienced by the company in two key market areas.

Today, OlainFarm is boasting of their achievement in getting good sales results in just nine months. The company is now conducting business in Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Poland and the Netherlands. In addition, they hope to spread operations in Peru, Bhutan, Mongolia, Kosovo and Romania.

One of the countries where OlainFarm made rapid sales was in Poland where the company got an increase in sales by 714%. In Netherlands, sales went up by 184%. The company saw an increase in Ukraine when sales jumped by 119%. They also experienced sales boost in Lithuania by 94%.

As the need for nootropics drugs increase, various pharmaceuticals are gearing up to bite a big piece of the market. Soon it is expected that this market will take off in the trillion of dollars.