Cremation Numbers On The Rise Compared To Traditional Burials In The US

Nov. 19, 2015 11:00 PM ET
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In the US, cremation growth rate has been on the rise continuously, as more people are choosing cremation over traditional burial practices.

In 2013, cremation rate reached an all-time high of 45.3%. By the time of 2018, the rate is expected to climb to around 50.6% with a 2.9% annualized rate. The benefits to be derived from cremation services are numerous and this seems to be one of the reasons many people are favoring it above burial. According to SimpleCremationOnline, cremation services are "a simple, dignified and affordable alternative to traditional funeral arrangements".

Since the increase boom in the cremation niche, the industry has witnessed positive revenue growth. Experts are predicting that the industry will continue showing positive signs in the next five years, due to consumer preference. Americans are watching the cost of cremation vs. burial and are swinging more towards cremation because it is much cheaper to cremate than to bury.

As the cremation industry continues to grow, the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to rise to 2.5%, which will be an annualized rate. This is a strong sign that the industry is moving in tandem with the economy and will continue to do so as long as consumer demands are met.

CANA reports that cremation in the US is growing at a phenomenal rate and has been increasing every year for the past 15 years. Nevada has the highest rate with 75.9% cremations recorded so far in 2015. Washington promptly followed with 75.2%. Third is Oregon with 73.9%. Fourth is Hawaii with 72.6% and bringing up the rear is Maine with 71.2%. Those top five states are boasting the highest cremations services so far taking place in the country.

Not only regular cremation is increasing in the US and becoming the hottest topic in the funeral industry, but direct cremation as well. In fact, consumers tend to be leaning more towards direct cremation now than at any other time. One of the most likely reasons for this, is because it is the most affordable way of disposing of a body, when being compared with regular cremation and traditional burial.

Apart from costs, consumers are aware that normal burial is a less environmentally friendly solution, so some of them are avoiding taking that path. Other reasons why consumers are turning to cremation, are religious ones. Some people believe that to release the soul, cremation has to take place. In addition, others just desire a simple funeral solution and so they cremate their loved ones body as an answer to their need.

The National Funeral Directors Association has made note of the strong growth in the cremation industry taking place in the US and has predicted that by 2020, cremations would outdo traditional burial by a good margin. They further predicted that by 2030, a greater number amounting to 71% of body disposal of would be done by cremation compare to 23.2% burials.

As cremation growth in the US continues to transcend all expectations, cremation homes must rise to the occasion in an effort to meet demands made by consumers. If demand meet supply, it will be a win-win for everyone involved in the industry.

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