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XNSPY Parental Control App Leading The Way In Spy App Technology

The XNSPY Parental Control App has become the leading spy app in the world today. So far, it is a most sought after software technology by parents who would like greater monitoring of their kids. With some powerful features present in the app, consumers are getting the best treatment for their hard-earned cash.

The spy app is an easy hand-on-tool that requires no technology know-how to get it working. All a parent has to do is easily attach it to the smartphone or tablet that his or her child uses and bingo, he or she can secretly spy on the child. With the kid using the phone or tablet, a parent can know his or her whereabouts, who they converse with on the phone, the type of videos they upload or download and a host of other things. The big surprise is that the child does not know that his or her parent is monitoring him or her because the app does not give anything away.

Worldwide sales of the XNSPY Parental Control App, which many consider the best spy app in the business today, are blazing a trail in the market. China has had a 17% increase in sales of their smartphones in 2015 because of XNSPY's involvement and by the end of 2016 the amount sales is expected to be even greater. Apple is also weighing in on the market and is doing better than Chinese stores are doing. Apple's smartphone sales moved from 7% to 20% in 2015 and expectations are mounting for the remainder of 2016. Smartphones like the spy apps and tablets manufacturing are on the increase, thanks to the involvement of the spy app tool that can be attached to them thus making parents have a greater say in the lives of their children.

In 2016 first quarter, Xiaomi, which is a Chinese company sold in excess of $14.8 million smartphones and the plan is to top this amount before the fourth quarter ends. Although the company missed reaching its target shipment in 2015 because of strong competition in the industry, it is hoping to make up for lost time in 2016. In 2015 alone, the company moved massive shipments of around 70 million handsets, which so far is a record-breaking achievement for them.

Experts are predicting that global smartphones sales will increase 7% by the end of 2016 and will realize 1.5 billion units in total. While forecasting, experts are still predicting the growth rate of the mobile phone industry to go up from 2015 amount of $1.92 billion to $1.94 billion in this year 2016. Combined shipments such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs and ultra-mobiles will grow 6% to about 2.4 billion units, which will place the industry in a winning position.

The spy app is working wonders with smartphones such as iPhone and Android and is giving parents renewed hope in regards to their children's safety. As time passes, the XNSPY Parental Control App will be taken more seriously by parents, retailers, investors and other key players involved. As the spy app continues to cover the market, smartphones and tablets will begin to see better days ahead.