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Professor Crain Reveals: A New Easy & Proven Way For Changing Your Financial Reality

Professor Simon Crain, a retired broker, took 167 average people from a regular monthly salary to huge profits in less than a month. Now he wants to show you how you can do it too.

On November 10th Amanda Michelle was accepted to the 30-day change program, a new free online trading training program launched by Professor Simon Crane. Less than 30 days later, Amanda already made over $37,000 from online trading. Jeremy Collins, a member of the same program since last August, made a net of $672,311 by now, and keeps earning each and every day. Both Amanda and Jeremy owe their new income stream to their new partner Prof. Simon Crain, a retired broker that developed a unique auto trading software. Them, along with 165 other people that earned an average income, accepted Prof. Crain's offer to use his innovative software in exchange for a 3% shares from their earnings

Apparently, this auto-trading software is more than 5 years old, but Prof. Crain and his colleagues couldn't offer it to the public until recently, as it was under an exclusivity agreement. They used it themselves to generate Millions of dollars in revenue, and now they are enjoying the challenge of changing people's life, and earning their share out of a 3% lifetime commission they take from every participant for the training and the use of the software.

A catch? Not if you ask them. "The day that I'm sending Simon his share after withdrawing my monthly revenues is the happiest day of my month, it feels like I'm doing the best deal of my life over and over again" says Jeremy.

Iris Christensen, another participant that banked over 500,000 Euros by now, says "At first, I thought there must be some catch here, otherwise why would anyone hand a method like this free of charge? But after taking a bit deeper look I realized that the only thing I need to actually put is my time, while Simon is the one that is taking most of the risk. Thinking about it, earning 3% from hundreds of people that are earning like me must be worth it for him and his team, definitely a win-win".

Prof. Crain's "30-day change" program is soon opening again for another 100 participants. So if you are from Canada, Australia, UK or New-Zealand, over the age of 21 and willing to put the time and share your potential revenue you might want to try it yourself. Visit to find out more details and check if there are any open spots.