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PRKR Vision Skyrockets On Reliable Litigation Rumors

|Includes: ParkerVision, Inc. (PRKR)

Good evening,

It's been an exciting trading day and after hours session for us as strong rumors from reliable sources continue to slingshot shares of PRKR through the roof.

After these sources - now widely cited by traders on and market news site - disseminated the news that PRKR had achieved partial victory in their patent lawsuit versus Qualcomm shares of PRKR finished the trading day nearly 50% higher.

Shares are continuing to climb in after hours trading.

So what's the big news? According to reliable sources, the PTAB upheld some of the claims in the PRKR '940 lawsuit and dismissed others.

Understandably, we're very enthusiastic about this news and optimistic about even more positive news being released in the months ahead. As you know, PRKR is a stock that we keep talking about - we have provided extensive coverage on this lawsuit and have been highly anticipating the type of ruling that the sources are currently discussing.

In an article released on February 13, 2017, we noted that:

"There are a number of significant dates coming up for PRKR's litigation against Apple and LG in March, May and June on PRKR's calendar, and we believe that the stock continues to be an attractive buy for aggressive investors ahead of these dates. "

With regards to the March '17 litigation watch, we noted that:

"the Munich Regional Court has held that LG Electronics Deutschland, GmbH, a German subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc. ("LG") infringes the '831 Patent - the patent that is also the subject of the AAPL complaint - but the court stayed the proceedings pending resolution of the related nullity, or invalidity, action in the German Federal Patent Court. A preliminary decision in the nullity action is expected by March 2017." (Emphasis added.)

We spoke even more extensively about the lawsuit and upcoming court dates back in November in an article we released after the company's conference call.

We continue to believe that PRKR will be successful in their litigation against these deep pocket firms over the next few months. We've seen huge moves in the stock during the last 12 hours, but we believe that it will continue to move even higher.

As noted in our recent articles, we believe that there will be important decisions and news about PRKR litigation released in March through June. We're long and continue to think this stock is a good buy for aggressive investors...even after today's (3/7/17) run.

An important note: while we are very optimistic about today's strong rumors, we'd like to emphasize that they are still (as of this writing) just that - only rumors. While the stock's volume and jump seem to certainly indicate that there's some truth to these rumors, we are anxiously awaiting a formal press release from PRKR before we get too excited.

We'll be sure to update you as the situation develops.



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Disclosure: I am/we are long PRKR.