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New York Times Acquisition Possibilities

|Includes: The New York Times Company (NYT)

In a previous post, I gave multiple reasons why I thought The New York Times will remain a financially successful company. I still believe in the main thrust of my thesis (though I had imprecise formulations), but I would like to raise an alternative possibility -- that Mike Bloomberg might buy The New York Times.

This idea has gained a nice head of steam after a New York Magazine article floated the idea a few months back.

I would just add one wrinkle to their speculation. Steven Rattner, a former hot shot investment banker at Lazard (NYSE:LAZ) currently serves as chairman of Willet Advisors -- the firm that manages Mayor Bloomberg's fortune.

Steven Rattner also (according to Vanity Fair, and Time Magazine) has a long time friendship with current New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

Could Mr. Rattner put on the old IB cap, and make one last front page deal?

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