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Microsoft Struggles To Catch Up With Competitors

|Includes: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

From Short-Term Trader :
Very funny! Once again Microsoft is following way too late Apple.....
From the CNN:
Microsoft is urgently working with its partners to unveil a host of tablet computers running Windows 7, to compete with Apple's fast-selling iPad.
The CEO claimed that Microsoft needs to take its time to get its products just right to compete in the intensely scrutinized tablet space.
An analyst told Ballmer that it appeared that Microsoft had "no clear strategy."
This is the reality:
Microsoft's CEO focused his entire presentation on the company's consumer businesses, which are almost all trailing their competitors.
Bing continues to lose money. "I can't say there's a point on the horizon where the business results will flip," Ballmer admitted.
After demonstrating Windows Phone 7, which is set to go on sale in the fall, Ballmer said the company still had a lot of work to do to compete with Apple and Google.
Xbox is the exception. It's a consumer product that is finally making money for Microsoft .
Microsoft is confident that its success in the future will depend heavily on how well it carries out its cloud strategy with businesses.
Unlike its competitors, Microsoft can offer companies a full set of cloud-based services, including managed data centers and business software tools in one package .
I am not convinced. It seems that besides the more than mature (I would say elderly) cash cows (Windows and Office), the Company is only struggling to catch up with competitors in a number of areas that are not part of its core business. It is amazing how this big company does not manage to lead innovation in any new product line. It is true, however, that innovation may a problem for all corporate America. They struggle and fail in any attempt. The bad experience of the new Kin Phone is pretty clear in this regard. With all the cash available they have it is not a matter of money. Iyt may be more a problem of corporate culture and values. If this is really the problem Microsoft has a huge challenge. If they do not manage to cope with these cultural internal challenges the decline is inevitable.

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