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Why FB Is Going To POP After Earnings!

|Includes: Facebook (FB)

Okay, Here's what I have to say about FB.

BUY BUY BUY, now using your mobile app. Why? I have a solid background in online ad space. I have been working in finance for some hi-tech companies in revenue and there has never been so much fuss over FB like there has been the past few months. Companies are changing their ad strategy to maximize placements on FB. Yes FB! Companies have always wanted to use the wealth of data that FB has, and companies are building "Machines" to mimic, but why re-invent the wheel when you can just purchase this data and save overhead. I founded a company called for which I am raising Exec-Connect membership. Now for me to go out and find executives using some major ad firm will be costly. I am a "start-up" with private aviation experience under my belt. I know exactly what I want and FB will help me target my audience without costly campaigns that don't really produce much but garbage traffic. Now after consulting in ad-space for over 5 years and being the personality type that wants to learn all aspects of a business rather than just counting beans, I am very confidant that FB is GOING TO POP. I have personally put my money on this, like I did with Netflix. It was a decent payday.


The Happy JetCharterPool guy.

Disclosure: I am long FB.