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Midyear update on Universal Display and OLED

|Includes: Universal Display Corporation (OLED)

Since my last posting on Universal Display, it finally came alive and hitting $20 for the first time in a long time.  News about the shortage of OLED displays in the market and Samsung hoarding their own supply definitely boosted the sentiment on OLED technology.  You can read about it here, here, and here.  On another more worrisome note, it’s not like OLED display is a clear differentiator on mobile phones.  When you compare the best of OLED (Samsung Super OLED) to the best of non-OLED (Retina display on iphone 4), it’s still a judgement call.  The good news is OLED is still early on it’s maturity curve so it has plenty of room to improve while LCD has obviously been around for ages.  Which begs the question of what is Samsung thinking when it decided to call it’s OLED display the “Super-OLED”?  Shouldn’t they save their choice of superlative adjective till the finale?  You don’t hear Coach K calling his team a “great team” in November.  You wait till April before bringing out the big guns.  Let’s not over hype and under deliver again as we’ve seen plenty of time with OLED.  On the last note, Universal Display’s agreement with Samsung ended and they are in the process of negotiating a new one.  Hopefully that’ll yield some positive news for Universal Display but you never know.  The last time I compared Universal Display’s market cap to Samsung’s it didn’t exactly look very comparable.

Disclosure: Long PANL