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Mass Unemployment Just Around The Corner?

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Politicians love to talk about how many jobs they are creating, or how many jobs they will create if they are elected. But what can they really do about mass unemployment?

Create jobs... How can a politician, create a job to begin with? Jobs are created by companies, Facebook, Google, Twitter, has created jobs where before there weren't any, but not politicians.

They might direct money to different sectors like the military or infrastructure. But that money has to come from somewhere. Like taxes. The taxes you and I are forced to pay for politicians to play around with.

So when they are spending 10 billion on a project that is supposed to create so and so many jobs, how many jobs would that money create if they were allowed to stay in peoples pockets instead of being taken as taxes?

Why Mass Unemployment?

There are so many reasons, but I will describe the ones I think is most important.

Technology, technology, technology

1. Semiconductors. Computing power has doubled every year since 1965 when Gordon Moore (co-founder of Intel) first described the trend. This will transform an enormous amount of jobs into computerized equations.

I believe 90 % of all desk jobs will disappear within 10-15 years, there will be no more need to write reports because a computer can do it (I have witnessed this myself), there will be no more need for accounting or calculations.

Computers will be able to perform advanced planning and the only jobs left will be IT personnel and salespeople.

2. 3D printing. 3D printers are becoming cheaper and better by the hour. In just a few years 3D printers will be affordable for most people to print whatever they want. Sites like will become second nature.

Whenever you need a new product instead of going to the store and buy it, you will simply print it with your 3D printer. Websites will provide the blueprints if you don't know how to do it yourself.

There will be very little need for production since 3D printers already can print not only plastics, but also metal and wood, plus the materials used will only become cheaper and cheaper.

3. AI- artificial intelligence. Google among many is already working on AI, the technology might not be here in a few years, but estimates put it to around 2040-2060 (maybe sooner) until we have real AI. It will be like science fiction folks, only god knows how that will shape our world.

4. Global warming. Our current lifestyles are unsustainable, the globe is getting warmer and warmer, if that result in significant higher sea levels or not remains to be seen.

But the truth is that we are making our world dirtier and dirtier, just take a look at the huge plastic island in the pacific ocean that no one wants to talk about. We can't go on like this, chasing growth at the expense of the environment.

5. Age. Yes Age, people are getting older and older. Today it's likelier that a newborn baby will live to become 100 years old, than a 96 year old.

Medicine is making enormous progress, they can now grow a human organs and installing them in your own body, check out .

People will be able to work much longer and they will be forced to. Many countries in the rich world are facing huge problems with an aging population, the money is simply not there.

The idea of pensions began in Germany little more than 100 years ago and started at the age of 65. At that time 65 was the average life expectancy for a woman or a man so it was easy to pay out pensions at that time, not anymore.

So say goodbye to low unemployment because Mass Unemployment is soon here all over the world. Profit from it by researching companies working with Business Intelligence, Robotics, AI, energy efficiency.