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Voxeljet Headline So Misleading


When voxeljet reported on Aug. 14 the headline was about a 33% drop in System Revenue

On Aug. 15 the Q2 Earning Call was completely positive at so many levels addressing all of the critical metrics, validating the strategic vision

Revenue Growth of 21% w/ a Gross Margin of 42% is highly probable

EBITDA for 2017 will be very close to positive or better

There were so many positives  in Q2, there is little doubt some upgrades are not forthcoming.

Here are most of the positive for Q2 and beyond that was covered during the Earning Call:

Gross Margins of 41%
Backlog 7 printers, but since June 30 it grew by another kEURO 716. - from 4384 to 5100
Reaffirm positive EBITDA
Major deal w/ multibillion Europe based company on ceramics - close in Q3
China going from kEURO 19 to 808.
India ramping up w/ a modest monthly service revenue stream
UK center expanding by September
HSS development drawing closer to a major contributor to future revenue

Additionally, Revenue were reaffirmed and a the midpoint kEURO 27,000 that would be 21% over 2016
w/ a 42% Gross margin. Backlog and China story makes this all very doable.

Another final consideration, given that 5 printers were added to the backlog in Q2 and margins reached 41%? Does it really matter if an kEuro 700 printer revenue gets reported in Q3 and not Q2. So much for the real significance of a poorly crafted "Headline" that shakes small investors from their positions.