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Coopetition Or Competition?

Currently, the management belief of the world is mainly on competition analysis such as 5 forces model.

In fact, the world is not operating that way. The relationships between stakeholders are competition and cooperation at the same time. For instance, takes a look at the Android phone with market share rise from less than 10% to over 75% in less than a decade, the cooperation between Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and other handset manufacturers. This kind of examples is numerous.

The term coopetition as espoused by Brandenburger is more appropriate. Hope that the people on earth have the same belief that the world operates in cooperation is better than thinking in the competitive way.

This cooperation belief is better for the harmony of the world and the development of the world.

May God blesses our motherland, the USA, and the world. May God blesses Hong Kong and Hong Kong people.