The Chinese Connection To The Hemp Industry - What It Means For Investors

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Are the Chinese Buying Hemp Inc.?


A couple of years ago reported that former Pentecostal minister Robert Earl Palm and accountant Robert McIvor are key figures in two Christian based humanitarian relief foundations headquartered in Indiana.He got that information from the China Foundations web site, an Indiana foundation that is helping set up rural banks in China to share its massive wealth through micro-loans and manage the trillions of dollars in assets it must eventually care for and invest on behalf of two billion and growing Chinese citizens around the world.The story was published by the Vancouver Sun on April 17, 2010. The Vancouver Sun is a front organization for various covert intelligence agencies operating out of Canada and is closely affiliated with and CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.Robert Palm, who still lives in Victoria currently serves as "director-at-large" for the China Foundation but he and Gabor S. Acs of the Infinite Freedom Foundations go way back to 1983 when the two of them and Jason Dallas formed Advanced Capital Services Corporation in Victoria B.C.ACSC was set up for the purpose of conducting arbitrage trading between Canadian and Cayman Investors with Swiss Banks who were at the time lending money at six percent while U.S. Interest rates were coming off their all time highs of 22% for mortgages and $16% for Certificates of Deposit.Robert Earl Palm is quoted as "the operating authority" for The China Foundation, which is based in Westfield, Ind. McIvor, who lives in Surrey, serves as its chief financial officer and economist.How and why Indiana was chosen as the headquarters for a Foundation that manages trillions of dollars worth of assets is not clear.There is significant history of how the assets of Advanced Capital Services and First Republic Bank of the Marshall Islands along with the bulk of the wealth that Ferdinand Marcos abandoned when he was indicted by the United States Government for laundering IMF and World Bank Funds amongst other financial crimes, got under the control and operating authority of Robert Palm and the China Foundation.The foundation describes itself as "a non-domiciled international foundation that operates and manages great wealth all over the world."That wealth is somehow tied to Gabor Acs who since 2004 has been claiming that he is the world's first trillionaire."You would have had to have been there to understand how to connect all the dots between the real estate market in Seattle, the collapse of the mortgage industry internationally, and the impending collapse of Wall Street itself", said Gabor for this exclusive interview for"Once the dominoes have fallen there are too many of them to pick back up before the rest of the global house of cards falls", Gabor was recently quoted as telling George Soros in a private email.McIvor says, "Over the centuries, God has set aside massive wealth, which is in the foundations' Global Master Trust Accounts, for such a time as this, so as to provide for the general welfare of all peoples of all nations."Baines could not track where all that money comes from but he probably couldn't figure out how the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank all work with the United States Treasury and the United Nations and the Bank of England and how they create money out of thin air either.McIvor says funds are disbursed through "participating qualified governments or institutions" for development projects costing at least $1 billion each. These participating organizations include organizations closely tied to George Soros and the Infinite Freedom Foundations International headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.Palm and McIvor also direct the Exousia Foundation, an Indiana non-profit corporation that works with The China Foundation to "further the funding of worldwide philanthropic, humanitarian, and economic development projects in the name of Jesus Christ."

The China Foundations are being approached by the Infinite Freedom Foundations to transfer some massive wealth, reported to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $130 billion in liquid cash being held in Chinese Banks that are looking for a better rate of return than the less than 1% the United States is currently paying its money market depositors.

The China Foundation's website lists more than two dozen projects in the United States that are said to be available for "immediate" funding.

One is called the Magnetic Accelerated Technology Highway, which involves the laying of 25,000 miles of new rail track in the United States and Canada It will cost an estimated $1.25 trillion and create one million jobs. It's called Mag-Lev Technology.

Another called the Homeland Security Defense Coalition, which will also cost $1.25 trillion and create 32,000 jobs. Another is Western U.S. Gold Mining, which will cost $48.6 billion and create 43,000 jobs. In total, there are 26 projects listed, adding up to tens of trillions of dollars.

One of those recently approved projects added to the list since Baines wrote his article is an investment through the Soros Open Society Fund in a joint venture with the Infinite Freedom Foundations of a billion dollars into a little known company called Hemp Inc., run by none other than a convicted former Russian female spy and (CNBC made him famous) Bruce Perlowin, formerly known as the King of Pot, but now being touted by serious investors as the new Penny King.

Palm and an associate, Jason Dallas, allegedly perpetrated a massive fraud in 1992 that government officials in Canada and Poland claim duped a Polish agricultural co-op of $37.3 million US.

It later turns out that Canadian and U.S. Intelligence Officials have been behind the more recent attempted character assassinations of Palm, Dallas and McVicor.

Through their Victoria company, Advance Capital Services Corp., the pair contracted to buy tons by the trainloads of produce, to help feed the starving masses of Russia.

Payment would be made by United National Republic Bank of Russia in Polish Funds converted from Russian Rubles, which at the time were becoming worthless during the Russian financial crisis.

It was the Russian government that allowed Dallas and Palm to set up several banks in Russia and some of that money flowed through the Ukraine and of all places, Soap Lake, Washington.

To show that UNRB had the financial capacity to guarantee payment, Palm and Dallas proffered financial statements showing that the bank had $188 billion worth of assets.

Those assets had grown from the consolidated fortunes of Palm, Dallas and Acs to the point where after the "three Christianeers", as they had been referred to by David Miscaviage of the Church of Scientology, split up in 1988, Palm and Dallas bought out Acs' one third interest that year for $100,000 in cash, plus $20 million in a stock portfolio of companies traded on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, and 5% of any gross asset appreciation off the top transferred to the ACS Master Trust domiciled in Lichtenstein.

As events unfolded, Palm didn't pay the Polish farmers a cent, and UNRB's guarantee proved worthless. Polish prosecutors charged Palm and Dallas with criminal fraud. In 1995, Dallas was arrested in Switzerland and extradited to Poland, where he was sentenced to five years in jail. Later, on appeal it was discovered that the Polish farmers were trying to ship rotten potatoes and the entire matter was expunged from the Polish record.

Palm had retreated to Victoria where Polish authorities couldn't touch him. Poland and Canada did not have an extradition treaty or warrant.

When the Polish agricultural co-op sued him in B.C. Supreme Court in Victoria, in 2003, the court found Palm had defrauded the co-op and ordered him to repay $37.3 million US, but he never paid a cent. The case is being appealed based on discovery that the potatoes were rotten to begin with, making any claims of fraud or scamage, moot.

"This bank apparently started in the fall of 1991 and by November of 1992, U.S. $188 billion of assets had disappeared," Judge Allen Melvin noted in his decision.

Those were the assets that had been converted from Marcos and his gold exporting operations, ACS Venture Corporation (USA) Ltd., a Delaware Company which managed all of Gabe Acs' assets in the US, mostly real estate in Seattle, and First Republic Bank of the Marshall Islands which lost its charter when it was not renewed following a U.S. Congressional Investigation into Money Laundering done by Offshore Banks in the tax havens of the world, and settling the Marshall Islanders claims against the U.S. of $500 million for the nuclear testing done in the 50's that caused natives to contract massive amounts of cancer over many decades.

"The defendant Palm is unable to give any explanation as to where these assets went. It is equally clear from the defendant Palm's evidence that UNRB never operated as a licensed bank. It is obvious that what were alleged to be assets of UNRB were in fact pledges from others, which in turn were based on pledges from third parties.

"Pledges act much like guarantees in the hedge fund markets. There are lots of promises but when the real metal meets the road, the entire global system is not different from what these boys were up to, Congress does it every time they raise the budget ceiling or the national debt limit", says Acs.

Palm, meanwhile, helped another self-professed man of God, Van A. Brink, establish First International Bank of Grenada, which was also capitalized with paper assets that appear to have been arranged by Palm.

One day the bank had a ruby that was said to be worth $20 million. "Then Brink and his associates had a meeting in Victoria, and all these (paper) assets appeared in close order."

By promising extremely high rates of interest on deposits, FIBG was able to raise more than $200 million US from residents of Canada and the United States. That just goes to show how greedy US investors are when it comes to rates of return.

FIBG set up a subsidiary bank called Cambridge International Bank & Trust, which raised an estimated $40 million from B.C. residents.

McIvor was charged with fraud and theft in B. C, but was acquitted in 2004.

So what has all this got to do with The Chinese Connection To The Hemp Industry - What It Means For Investors and The China Foundation?

Palm has been the "director at large" for The China Foundation for over 25 years. Acs and Palm have not spoken since 1993 when he filed Bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court with more than a billion in assets and less than two million in liabilities at that time. Those assets disappeared into the vortex of Advanced Capital Services.

In 1992, Palm "engaged The China Foundation to help provide food aid to Russia" on behalf of a group of Christian businessmen. This resulted in Advance Capital contracting to buy produce from Poland for delivery to Russia.

The China Foundation provided the assets -- mainly rubles and various "financial instruments" -- to capitalize the United National Republic Bank.

A dispute arose after Advance Capital was unable to confirm that the produce was being delivered to Russia. In fact the produce that was delivered was rotten by the time it got there and the Russian government had to pay to have it disposed of by local garbage hoarders who used it for fertilizer in their fields.

"In the end, The China Foundation had to abandon their plans and withdraw completely, leaving behind large assets and capital," McVicor told Baines to no avail. Now those assets are being worked up to transfer into three accounts in Victoria B.C., for the purpose of funding the acquisition of a billion dollars worth of HEMP Inc., which is currently trading over the counter in the United States.

"Russian and Polish authorities all saw an opportunity to gain from Advance Capital's naivety and The China Foundation's wealth. Mr. Palm instructed me to remain silent about all this in order to protect The China Foundation's name and identity, and I have done so for almost twenty years," McVicor told Baines.

Palm capitalized First Grenada International Bank with "assets from The China Foundation in the form of UBS precious metal certificates which have been retained outside the banking system for many years and are extremely difficult to verify and authenticate."

These same certificates were being used by people once closely connected to Telynx Inc., and Talieh Safadi, a rogue agent for the Israeli Mossad, and the finance ministers of several island nations desperate for cash or loans to develop their countries.

McIvor admits that The China Foundation was indirectly involved in the Polish produce deal, the Russian bank and the Grenadian bank, all of which have been officially falsely branded as frauds, and collectively resulted in $250 million to $300 million in losses.

Losses which have not been proven nor can they be accounted for in the current banking system as it stands facing judgments from the International Bank Activities Reform Commission which has filed a $500 Trillion Lawsuit Against the United States Treasury for Fraudulently Inflating the Global Economy for more than 100 years.

It is because of the prosecution of this case that Chinese Officials are now allowing the China Foundation to invest in HEMP Inc. at the advice of Gabriel Acs via the ACS Master Trust Certificates originally issued in 1988 and backed by the billions of dollars of Marcos Gold which came from decades of mis-management of Yamashita's Gold, originally stolen from Buddhist villages during World War II.

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