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Hemp Inc. And Medical Marijuana Inc Targets Of Investigations By Billionaire Investors

Hemp Inc. HEMP.PK Rejects Bid For 90 Million Shares And 25 Million Shares Of MJNA

Recently the attorney for Hemp Inc, which trades under the symbol HEMP.PK rejected any notion that a private foundation could enter into a three way agreement with the company to buy 90 million shares at a dollar per share and 25 Million Shares of MJNA held by Bruce Perlowin at an undetermined price.

Bill Aul, in an email to a client of Alex S. Gabor and Associates, who have been negotiating the purchase on behalf of the Gabor S. Acs Estate, flat out refused to participate in any negotiations because personnel that had contacted him were not "of legal counsel".

Aul seems to think that one must be an attorney to negotiate the purchase of large blocks of shares in order to help a company raise its profile and inject large amounts of capital into the fledgling US Hemp Market which is exploding uncontrollably according to sources who work closely with the Feds.

It is surprising that the Feds (DEA, CIA, FDA, and SS) have not yet cracked down on MJNA and HEMP both, since Bruce Perlowin, a formerly convicted felon like Acs, who has also filed bankruptcy three times in his illustrious path to trillionairehood, was a proud smuggler of $50 million a week in illegal marijuana and went to jail for more than a decade for it.

The company, through its attorney Bill Aul, has put out false and misleading information but it has not made any public filings of its financial statements recently nor does it appear that the SEC is looking into the company yet.

No matter, they are still asleep at the wheel when it comes to FNMA, FRE, and BAC, so this company may not appear on anyone's major radar screens until George Soros gets involved, if at all.

According to the company's latest prospectus and investor information sheets, Hemp Inc. formerly known as Marijuana Inc. has "developed 9 proprietary cutting edge nutraceutical products designed to, among other things, improve concentration, increase awareness, increase energy, improve joint flexibility, improve overall wellness, and to supply high quality hemp and blue-green algae protein. The market testing of these products began in December of 2011."

Unfortunately only two of these products were seen at the recent Hempfest in Seattle last August by our investment advisory research staff who attended the affair, neither of which were approved by the FDA.

Perlowin, who says he writes all the companies press releases and doesn't need to clear them with legal counsel because that would cost more than the $1.8 million he says he already invested in the company that he and his ex russian convicted of espionage spy wife took over together by swapping development technology for super majority voting shares.

He says he "completed the research and development phase of 7 proprietary skin care products for both men and women and will be market testing the products beginning in the second quarter of 2012".

It is now going into the final two months of 2012 but no information has been made available by the company to update investors on the status of these proprietary skin care products.

Recently, Will P. Wilson, President of the Infinite Freedom Foundation, which has been negotiating for the purchase of the shares on behalf of a joint venture between the China Foundation and potentially the Soros Institute and Film Fund, has produced an exclusive video of Perlowin and Company, but copies of it have not yet been authorized for release by the Foundations. has also begun producing video content available in high definition over the internet. According to Perlowin, "this content will be used to increase the interest of the target market (Medical Marijuana users)in order to draw people to the social network, Eco Harmony, and to share meaningful products and services which will be more compelling with the loyalty program."

Perlowin writes that, "The Company is preparing to go beyond R&D and will need additional funds to implement the next phase of operations."

If that be the case, then why would the company attorney, Bill Aul of San Diego, who is a registered securities attorney, turn down an offer of $90 million for the Hemp shares currently owned and controlled by a former convicted Russian spy who is, according to Perlowin, "a vodkaholic who does no good for the company or its image?

Perlowin owns 25 million shares of MJNA according to him, which he intends to sell into the rising market during this election season. Perhaps that is why MJNA cannot break out of its nickel a share range.

Sources close to the negotiations say that Bill Aul is a deal killer and either Perlowin should get a different securities lawyer and/or rid himself of his conflicts of interest.

MJNA and HEMP, despite all misleading information to the contrary, are competitors in the same industry, and if the conflicts of interest are not obvious, one should not attempt to invest in either company at this time.

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