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George Soros Advised To Short A Million Shares Of Berkshire Hathaway

|Includes: BAC, Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK.A), BRK.B, GS, WFC

Berkshire Hathaway and Goldman Sachs Under Investigation by the American Bank Activities Reform Commission.

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Alex S. Gabor Associates Invesatment Advisors tells George Soros and Soros Fund Management to short a million shares of BRKA. Cover the short when it reaches $100K per share or less. ;Did Alex S. Gabor Get it Wrong?Berkshire Hathaway Stock Up $20,000 a Share-Massive Short Operation Underway Yet?
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According to Alex S. Gabor, another writer who creates source materials here at Associated Content, "The Penny King" is the worlds first trillionaire.

According to the mainstream media there are no trillionaires in this world and Bill Gates was supposed to be the only one even close to becoming one. Someone else has written about trillionaires here at AC also but it didn't amount to much viewing by the general reading public in cyberspace.

Alex S. Gabor also wrote a story he headlined as, "How to Make a Killing Shorting Berkshire Hathaway Stock" and since the article was written less than 60 days ago the stock has risen to over $90,000 a share but is now the time that a massive short sale operation has begun from offshore?

Did the Penny King advise foreign investors, and the Soros Fund, and various other hedge funds to short this stock or is he just a fictional character?

Ira Mency, who has been searching for the Penny King for almost four months now is yet to find him and cash in all her pennies for a dollar each. I managed to hunt him down just as he was leaving Seattleand he paid me a dollar for every one of my pennies and a dollar for every word I published about him in the past.

I did not get paid to publish this story other than by Associated Content but it doesn't matter, I have agreed to donate all the proceeds from my writings to the Infinite Freedom Foundation.

According to top officials at the Church of Infinitology, "The Penny King", has indeed been confirmed as the worlds first trillionaire so we tracked him down for this exclusive quickie interview as he was about to board a plane for his birthplace, Budapest, Hungary.

GA: Were you the one behind the ralley in New York City in front of the Federal Reserve Bank?

TPK: No, actually there is a large group of Penny Pinchers in NYC who are behind that. They are waiting for me to return and buy their pennies for a dollar each. There are group of guys, Kirk Sullivan, who made a video called "Piece of Mind" that is pretty funny, and our producers are trying to track these guys down, but yeh, some of those guys are hilarious."

GA: Is it true that the Church of Infinitology has confirmed that you are in fact the worlds first trillionaire?

TPK: Well, I don't know if I am the world's first trillionaire, in reality I am just a figment of Alex S. Gabor's imagination, at least for now. That Church is made up of a bunch of Sea Org Members who think the Church of Scientology was taken over by CIA Agents.

GA: What were you doing recently in Seattle?

TPK: Living under the Ballard Bridge, riding my bicycle, and eating free food at the Ballard Food Bank and buying pennies for a dollar each from the kids on the street and shooting some television footage at ScanTV.

GA: Wow! I guess you are famous, I hear that the TV show, "All Day Live" is seen by more than 16 million people around the world. Congratulations!

TPK: Well, it takes Thoughtware to become famous these days! And as far as statistics, well anyone can make those up, and as far as being a trillionaire just ask yourselve how much your mind is worth and that should dispel that myth.

GA: So how would you bust a billionaire if you were a trillionaire and is it true that you are related to George Soros?

TPK: Actually Mr. Soros is a distant relative. He is so distant he never talks to me, but I have it on official word from his press agent, Michael Vachon, that Soros follows my advice, that is how he became the world's second trillionaire.

GA: So it is true, you are the world's first trillionaire!

TPK: I didn't exactly say that, but to answer you questions about busting billionaires, we've busted about fifty of them already to the tune of about a third of a trillion dollars, and some of our offshore "Money At The Speed Of Thought" Investors have amassed a 500 trillion hedge fund and we are about to flood china with pennies we bought for a dollar each in the United States.

GA: Ok, I don't really wanna get into that right now, I know you need to catch a plane here at SeaTac Airport, but before you go, how would you bust up Berkshire Hathaway and why is it still a good shorting opportunity?

TPK: I would start by investigating the flows of money from the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, to the funds being managed by Goldman Sachs, and where did Buffet get the money to buy his stakes in Coca Cola and Goldman Sachs, and I would check into GAMCO.

GA: So you are going short on Coke and Berkshire and Goldman Sachs, I did hear something about the International Bank Activities Reform Commission investigation into Banks in Washington State and now they have found that Goldman was somehow connected to a lot of phony mortgage paper in the commercial real estate markets?

TPK: I don't know about that, all I know is if you want to follow the paper trail from Buffet and Gates and PATH and the building bust in Seattle and the SLUT (South Lake Union Transit) and jump on the train of fraud that connects more than 100 banks in Washington State to Goldman, and Buffett, and you want to understand how easy it is to play Wizard of Oz with stocks and the mainstream, Wall Street controlled media.

GA: When are we going to have a public demonstration of Thoughtware?

TPK: Watch Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway stock and if it goes down you'll know who was behind it!

According to reports I recieved after the Penny King jumped on board the plane on his way to Budapest, Hungary, there was word on the streets of King County that someone was selling "Bearer Short Sale Certificates of Hathaway Dollars" for a dollar each and sending the money over to Hong Kong to be managed by a Saipan based Offshore Banking Group that has begun a bear raid on both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway".

There does seem to be some evidence of insider trading going on according to the Bank Activities Reform Commission.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in BRK.A, BRK.B, BAC, WFC, C, GS over the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: Alex S. Gabor is advising Soros Fund Management to short the above stocks during the next 72 hours via this public post of advise to George Soros.