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Is HEMP Inc. Worth More Than A Dollar A Share At Some Point In The Future?

Is HEMP.PK an undervalued penny stock which is trading on the Pink Sheets in the Over the Counter Market? Formerly Marijuana Inc., it recently changed its name after filing some 169 pages of documents with the SEC and FINRA.

For the past three years Alex S. Gabor & Associates, Investment Advisors to various wealthy investors in Canada and New York City, has been looking into two companies which were once owned and controlled by the same man, Bruce Perlowin of Las Vegas and San Franscisco fame and fortune gained from the fine art of smuggling.

According to Perlowin, "Im hanging on to my MJNA shares and only selling small amounts in a rising market." Perlowin claims he owns 25 million shares of MJNA and a majority super voting interest in HEMP Inc. which owns and operates an increasing number of domain names including Hemp.Com.

When I watched the review on CNBC of Bruce Perlowin's life I did not see mention of the fact that despite having spent nine years in jail for smuggling what is now approved in more than 20 states, medical marijuana, currently the largest cash crop in America, there is no discussion of what Bruce is up to now with his controlling interest in HEMP.PK.

MARIJUANA, INC. Changes Its Name To Hemp, Inc.

Sometimes just trying to invest in "pennies" can be confusing, and if you don't know what you are doing you can get in a lot of trouble with the SEC.

I first researched and invested in Penny Stocks while living in Washington D.C. closely connected to the most powerful political people in the international industrial hemp market, but I had not found a single company engaged in the research or development of a commercial market for HEMP, at least not domiciled in the United States.

I was approached by a group in New Jersey who wanted me to buy up large blocks of shares in a company they were promoting. They were so desperate for new blood as stockholders they were willing to give me 40,000 free trading shares, which were trading at .70.

Within days of my "buying spree" the price dropped to below .35 at which point I decided to get out completely, which fortunately for me, broke me even, including the shares the promoters had given me.

Since then, I have learned that it is better to deal with the Board and CEO of a company before investing any large sums into it, but that the Securities Attorney who helps handle the transaction is almost as important to a large block trade as the price of the deal itself.

My second foray into taking large postions in a publicly traded penny stock company got me into trouble for failing to disclose that I owned close to 5% of the company, although the Securities Attorney for the company cleared all five press releases announcing various funding mechanisms which had been put in place, but subsequently blown out of the water by SEC Attorneys who were more than exuberant to go after small businessmen trying to raise capital, but were reluctant to tackle the fraud giants in the banking industry at the time.

To date the SEC Attorneys and investigators are still negligent in many respects when it comes to dealing with the five trillion dollar ongoing mortgage fraud in America, but I digress from HEMP.

Because of the above incident I am barred from trading in Penny Stocks for life, and further barred from being on the board of any publicly traded company, but I have not been barred from my constitutional right to buy a whole company and take it private, or take large positions in companies and donate them to non profit organizations whose cause is total freedom! Such it is for the Infinite Freedom Foundations.

My last foray into the banking industry caused two bank stocks to skyrocket when I hadn't even owned a single share. I was only thinking of and announcing publicly my intent to acquire controlling shares in two formerly troubled Washington State Banks. One of them went out of business and the other currently trades at $25.00 per share.

I was then publicly slammed hard by a Tacoma News Tribune writer who is now being sued by my supportive network of organizations for defamation, slander and libel. Hearst has always been on my short list ever since the internet boom, anyway so why not add one of their subsidiaries to the international bank activities reform commissions hit list of corrupt corporations operating in America.

So, to make a longer story shorter and not bore the reader who probably is looking for sizzle and steak, or having their cake and eating it too, yesterday I spoke with Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of HEMP, Inc. and agreed to meet with him in Seattle to discuss buying a large stake in the company and helping the company organize a national lobbying effort to make the planting, farming, growing and distribution of Industrial HEMP legal in America. and there are many professional people who think that Obama and Congress are ready to repeal any laws which make medical marijuana illegal in any state of the Union.

If that happens then I think companies like HEMP will be worth more than a dollar a share, provided they continue to expand their products and services to the medical public that desperately needs to medicate themselves away from their pain and suffering.

I'll keep all my followers posted on the progress of my talks.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: Alex S. Gabor & Associates Investment Advisors is in talks to acquire a large stake of HEMP.PK for an undisclosed price on behalf of the Infinite Freedom Foundations. A meeting during HEMPFEST in Seattle has been confirmed to have occured on August 18th,2012.