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Second Look: Measuring Return On Management


The third installment of the Finding Value series highlights our fundamental focus on management effectiveness.

We share ten stocks from the MSVI Total Return model portfolios that demonstrate notable returns on management.

For followers of the Main Street Value Investor article series that have not had the chance to read the post, I wanted to send a soft reminder via this blog.

Finding Value: Measuring Return On Management

Apr. 30, 2018 6:25 PM ET | Includes: AAPL, AEO, DAL, DIS, LUV, MMM, MSFT, NKE, TJX, UL


  • Understanding a stock’s return on senior management is paramount to owning slices of wonderful companies purchased at reasonable prices.
  • Studies suggest that an executive’s emotional intelligence is more likely to produce profitable outcomes than a high IQ seasoned with an Ivy League MBA.
  • We have found that only a handful of metrics are necessary to determine management effectiveness toward an underlying stock's potential market-beating performance.
  • Included are ten companies from the Main Street Value Investor Total Return model portfolios that demonstrate notable returns on management.


At Main Street Value Investor (MSVI), we prefer profitable, cash-generating companies that provide margins of safety in a literal sense. We want to own companies with efficient and transparent management that leverage returns for customers, employees, and shareholders.

When considering the worthiness of a company's inclusion in the MSVI Large- and Small-Cap Total Return model portfolios, we emphasize actual growth metrics as opposed to speculative forecasts of what may or may not occur with future revenues, earnings per share, free cash flow, or dividend growth.

We think future price and other exact projections are predominantly unreliable and best left to market speculators or the Ouija board.

As active investors, we have discovered a mere handful of fundamental measures executed by a company’s management that more often - although not always - predict the general direction of the forward-looking long-term performance of the underlying stock.

In this installment of our Finding Value series, we explore our measurement of a stock's return on company management.

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