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Current Holdings 3-6-2016

|Includes: TransAlta Corporation (TAC)

In an attempt to keep myself accountable for my transactions and to remember why I bought certain stocks, I try to post my current holdings and transactions each month. I just had a baby, so sometimes I am late on these, and other times I am early knowing that I would otherwise be late.

First, my SWANs:

SWANs 3-6-2016

Next, my speculative holdings:

Speculative Holdings 3-6-2016

Next, my REITs:

REITs 3-6-2016

Next, my BDCs:

BDCs 3-6-2016

Next, my Energy Recovery thesis holdings:

Energy Recovery 3-6-2016

And finally, my two motifs that I'm too stubborn/lazy to close out. First, my Boom or Bust Biotech:

Boom or Bust Bio 3-6-2016

And finally, my Entertainment motif:

Entertainment Motif 3-6-2016


On 2/3/2016, I sold $TAC - up 25% in a month. Nailed it.

And that's it. I bought too much during the January dip, and didn't have spare funds to buy in February's dip. Now I've collected some paychecks and dividends and nothing is on sale. It sucks, but at least I, like everyone else, suddenly look like a brilliant investor. Thanks, rally.

Additional disclosure: I am a cat on the internet - not a financial adviser.