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Very First Step – Creating A Dividend Portfolio

|Includes: Intel Corporation (INTC)

SA community, I have decided to start a portfolio namely, a dividend growth portfolio, in order to have a sustainable source of income in the future/ retirement.

Since this is my first post, I would like to share some of my skills, motivations and background. I am currently 24, I have a degree in Economics and a Master in Finance. I have been always passionate about these subjects, and since one of my main objectives is to have a sustainable income (>$40,000 year) through dividends at the age of 55, I have decided to start investing as soon as possible. I know that I have the skills and knowledge to understand the capital markets and to make investment decisions, however I feel (I believe that this is the most critical issue on DGI) that I must develop my endurance and working habits when it comes to invest for the long-term. Therefore, this blog will not only be a sharing tool but will be mainly a discipline tool, which for a dividend investor is pivotal.

Although that I am a young felow, I already have some experience mainly in top tier IB houses. Hence, when it comes to valuation, dd, investment considerations, competitive advantages, I have already developed some specific skills. Nevertheless, I am conscious that I no nothing, so every comment/suggestion/critic is more than welcomed.

My approach here, is very basic, I will give more importance to companies with competitive drivers, growth prospects, solid balance sheets, and dividend history. Then I will define a fair entry price, with the ultimate goal to have a diversified portfolio, with an average yield around 4%-5% in the long run. I won't discuss valuation matters extensively, since fair value is a very but very broad meaning, although that I always seek for the best entry price.

I have already started to invest, with my first acquisition to be Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), at $24.09.

All comments/ suggestions are more than welcomed.

I will update my portfolio holdings, acquisitions and some thoughts in finance and portfolio management on my blog:

Hope you enjoy!



Disclosure: I am long INTC.