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Saturday (Morning) Weekly Market Wrap For October 20, 2012

|Includes: Alcoa Corporation (AA), AAPL, BAC, C, CMCSA, CSCO, F, GE, GOOG, INTC, MSFT, XOM

Good Morning: It's Saturday:

Accuracy in Forecasting is what it is all about:

This all dates back to over 50 years of my work / analytics of Inflection Points.

I have written a large number of articles on my Methodology which is based on the early and clear Forecasting and Identification of all Inflection Points. I know of no other source of information and data that provides LEADING guidance with this consistent accuracy.

I have written Articles on the following. Should you be interested, just let me know.

My Methodology:

My SHB Cycle Analysis:

My Rotation Model:

My Inflection Points:

The Market for the Past Week

As for the Market this past week: This was not at all "boring" and for me presented a very clear picture / forecast of the next months or so direction of the Marketplace. The NY was Up as I Forecast and the Nasdaq was Down making my Forecast nearly worthless. More on that tomorrow in my Client Weekly Forecast Update.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday gave me confirmation that my Mini-Rally was taking place. Thursday and Friday erased that notion in Spades.

My Valuation Forecast of not such good Earnings was endorsed and magnified on Friday with all major Indexes losing on balance a wooping 2 percent.

Several "REVISED" figures that were presented by our "FINE" and "HONEST" Government (U. S.) made Home Sales negative from previous figures. This has been the policy for many years. "They" don't think the "people" read the "revised" stuff. They were correct for decades but that has changed.

Europe and Asia are not doing any better.

Not a pretty picture . . .

My Inflection Point Count

My Inflection Point Count Dropped into the mid 50's last week and stayed there this past week. You might want to stay in touch with my Proprietary Indicator. Go to:$INDU&p=W&yr=1&mn=6&dy=0&id=p79023347983&a=270034212

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Repeating: I continue to find little to nothing to de-rail my position that the U.S. is already in an (unannounced) Recession -- and -- that a Bearish Inflection Point is well over due.


The Market was NOT Up as Forecast!

Note: My Forecast for the General Market is Bearish, but REQUIRES "Conformations" to be active. Until my "Conformations" are in place the General Market will continue to churn out a TOP. Hence, Patience and Discipline is, as always, required.

Treasuries were Down a bit but and has looked anemic for nearly 5 months. That's Bearish!

The U.S. Dollar was Down a bit and is looking to rally some more. ( My Forecast of a USD Rally could be delayed - see my notes above ).

Oil (Crude) was Down over one percent. Last Week I Said: "However, a rally is coming". The beginning of that perhaps started this past week with Crude being Up almost 2.0%. I will wait for my Confirmations.

Gold Turned Down again this past week. I am Forecasting another Pull-Back. Again, this may take time to develop. It looks like my Bearish Forecast is doing well.

Commodities (Comprehensive) were Down and seems to be leading Gold every so slightly and also look very Bearish.

I hope you will permit me to answer your Questions and Thoughts.

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