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Want To Know For Sure – Up Or Down - Where GOOG Is Going?

|Includes: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

Want To Know for Sure - Up or Down - Where GOOG is Going?

I'm the guy that called the Top of Apple, Inc. and a number of other High Profile Companies. I am the same guy who has said: "Sell AAPL all the way down to this new Low."

My Methodology works (is profitable) for any Security on the Planet. Try Me Privately!

I'm willing to prove it privately if you will do just two things:

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Google, Inc. will be peaking in the short-term ( one to three months ). You should SELL at that peak.

My accuracy is within a couple / few percent.

Over the years I have been very forthright in making clear that my "stuff" is not free and that I am seeking new Clients.

I hope you will want to get acquainted,

Dr. Steve