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Investing Wisely – Sunday Evening – Weekend Wrap - April, 17th.

Investing Wisely – Sunday Evening – Weekend Wrap - April, 17th:



Brief Notes:


Sunday afternoon’s I clean up my notes that have been shuffled to the bottom of the pile during the week and I nearly always find something that re-pricks my curiosity.


This week it is reviewing and finalizing the Company Candidates for Short Selling (C4Ss) and it was fun.  I keep only about 20 - 25 companies on my list and just keep improving the list from a fundamental and consensus point of view.  I insistently keep reminding you fine folks that – the / My “Bell Curve” 5% of the current Top – “Best of the Best” or 5% of the current Bottom – “Worst of the Worst” are acceptable and consistently profitable investments. Technically, I have base criteria that are rather simple - however, the analytics is very sophisticated and time tested. 


Technically, for bullish time frames, I like to have the trend, momentum and relative strength already “Going-To.”  That means that the General Market, Sectors and Industry Groups are clearly in an ascending posture and the Candidates for Buying (C4Bs) are tracking very well.


For the current time frame, my focus is - that I am anticipating a General Market Bearish Inflection Point and therefore my analytic work is bearish.  That should make sense to just about everybody.  Therefore / Clearly, I am doing just the opposite from the above paragraph.  I am focused on the “Coming-From” and descending posture and the Candidates for Short Selling (C4Ss).


I am ready to implement, and only need the General Market to finish screwing around in its current topping of an outstanding September to date – Bullish Cycle – rally.

My Current Market Status:

You will find this information in my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday postings.

Wrap for the Weekend:

My long awaited General Market Bearish Inflection Point will have to wait a week or so.  I think!  However, I hope you stay tuned.

Smile, have fun – Investing Wisely,