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Oracle Corp. – An Opinion And Forecast

|Includes: Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

Oracle Corp. - An Opinion and Forecast

If, and I said "IF" (NYSE:ORCL) is so hot and being touted by many bloggers, then WHY are the following FACTS so clear to me and not by so many others?

Answer: It is called --- HYPE!

Oh YES, hype works or lasts only for a season. But you already knew that!

Investors and even Financial Analysts often get Way Too Greedy in their expectations about the direction of both the Market and of specific Companies and ETFs.

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Oracle Corp. -- (ORCL)

Fundamentals: The earnings of (ORCL) are very sanguine and have little to look forward to in the coming months and years. Flat Earnings Growth projections for longer time frames will not support the price of any security. The current Price of (ORCL) has not kept up with many of Wall Streets Companies in Oracle Corp's category.

Technicals: The Indicators are all pointing DOWN. When? Not so far away that Buying is definitely not prudent. I can help you with this if you ask.

Consensus Opinion: This is always OVER-RATED and from my perspective is already surprisingly low.

Opinion: Take Profits at the next peak or soon thereafter.

Forecast: Coming Down in the Short (one - three months) to Intermediate (three - nine months)-Term. Sell now? No not without Guidance from a professional. Most "professionals" will advise holding or even buying. Do they EVER recommend selling or offer a Bearish "Warning" such as the above?

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Dr. Steve