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So What Did The Market – Tell Me This Past Week ? 06-29-13

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

So What Did the Market - Tell Me this Past Week ? 06-29-13

The Market is "Teaching" and "Telling its Story" each and every week. You need a trained ear and the ability to be a "LISTENER" and you will be rewarded with Consistent Annual Profits.

It is sad for me to share that my frequent Emails from Investors has made quite clear that they (Investors):

* Don't take time to "Listen" anymore

* Are not sufficiently knowledgable or experienced in Stock Market Investing to know they are being screwed by Wall Street each and every day.

* Mutual Funds have become the proverbial "Dinosours" of "Investing Wisely"

* Do not have the Patience or Discipline to profit. The world has become too "NOW" for them to SLOW DOWN and become "Serious Investors"

* In many cases - They Don't Seem to CARE enough

This Week Confirmed by Telling Me:

* The Market is due for a Rally

* A TOP is in the Making

* Gold is heading still Lower

* AAPL will rally and then head Lower

Each Week I will Update and provide more "one liners" for you to Ponder.

If I can help with Guidance and Direction, please feel free to ask via my Email.

Dr. Steve