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Inflation In A NutShell!

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Inflation in a NutShell!

Inflation is measured by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and has been since the 1870s. It is an annualized figure updated monthly.

The figures range from Inflation highs of near 20% and Inflation lows (Deflation) of 20%.

The average has been about 3.9% since the end of World-War II.

Currently it is at 1.75%.

Price Inflation or a better term is "Purchasing Power" has been on a steady decline from 1900 with a bounce in the 1929s.

The Federal Reserve Board began in 1914. Since that time, ONE U. S. DOLLAR has declined in Purchasing power to just FIVE CENTS! That is a 20x and the downward slope has not changed.

I hope you know that as a doctor of both Finance and Economics, I focus on this kind of "Stuff," and it is not a pleasant thing to do.

People / Investors tend to put their heads in the sand and that too, is not pleasant or facing "Reality."

Dr. Steve