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Health Care REIT, Inc. - (HVN) – Double Your Monthly Checks By Lowering Your Current Risk / Reward Ratio

|Includes: Welltower Inc. (WELL)

Health Care REIT, Inc. - (HVN) - Double Your Monthly Checks By Lowering Your Current Risk / Reward Ratio

Income Investors:

You can safely double your Monthly Checks by doubling your Annual Rate of Return on your Portfolio. All you need is to study and understand my 50+ year-old Methodology of "Investing Wisely."

This is a series of my Opinions and Forecasts on about 150+ Companies that when you are "Selective" and "Prudent" - you can enjoy a superior Monthly Income with Safety.

Investing Pease of Mind with virtually Risk Free Monthly Income is rare these days. I would like to share with you how to consistently and annually earn 10% to 12% or more (net to you, including asset management and brokerage fees as well as covering INFLATION) or more. In the past several years, it has been "more."

It is really simple, but you will need to come up to speed with my Methodology of Investing Wisely. I will answer your questions promptly.

The below symbols (approximately 150+ Companies) are those that I focus upon for "Investing Wisely" for monthly "Income" for my Clients and within your/their Asset Allocation Model -- they are:


Note 1: For a bit more insight of how I go about my Research (work / analytics) please consider studying the following example of what I call a "Reality Check" on Dominion Resources, Inc. I do this and much, much more before making Formal Recommendations to my Clients. URL:

Note 2: I am publishing my Investment Opinion and Forecast for each of these Companies and will selectively update this information on an approximately four to six-week frequency.

Note 3: If your Income Company is not on my list, you may want my Opinion and Forecast for a few of your holdings. Don't be shy!

Query: a) If you have over one hundred thousand dollars in an "Income - Oriented Portfolio;" b) Would be interested in 50+ years of Professional Direction and Guidance; c) A "net" annual return of 10% to 12% or more; d) This service is for Income Investors Seeking to - Safely Increasing your Monthly "Income" Check you receive from your Brokerage Firm. With that in place - - I will provide you with my multi-decade / time tested Methodology to meet your Financial - Needs, Goals and Objectives.

Note 4: My Professional Services are always on a highly personalized basis. Blogs are fine but, for me, they never can provide sufficient information or data for you to make prudent and wise investment decisions. I hope you agree.

You might consider contacting me by Email and share information about your investment needs, goals and objectives as well as a little about yourself and family.

Email Address:

Please understand that my Articles (all Articles) share only the tip of the ice-berg, so to speak. I will promptly answer your questions and share my 50+ years of asset-management experience.

50+ Years of Analytic Research

Smile, "Income Investor" - there is a very conservative and profitable future for you by Investing Wisely.

Dr. Steve