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Looking Deeper – I Do!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), GE, GLD, GOOG, MSFT

Looking Deeper - I Do!


May I suggest that there is much more going on in the Marketplace than you may not realize?

These facts and hidden information and data is almost never expressed by the financial media or bloggers. Following these two financial (sources for insight) is all well and good but I can assure you of two things:

* You will be disappointed with what you read and hear frequently, that means you will be influenced to make less than profitable investment decisions.

* "Looking Deeper" is a full time job often requiring much more than 40 hours per week and much experience. I hope you take the necessary time to study

My focus in today's Marketplace has to do with both the Economy and Securities Fundamentals. Both are well coupled to my Unique Technical Analysis. My Methodology of "Investing Wisely" is unique, conservative and profitable. Thanks for "following" me.

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My "Stuff"

* Investors are being mis-lead by the Fed - BIG-TIME! Complacency Abounds. Therefore, they lose perspective of the BIG PICTURE and replace "perspective" with un-warranted euphoria.

* TOPS are never spikes. They roll-over and this one is in the middle stage of "rolling-over." There are often many "New Highs" but the Internal Marketplace as measured by the Sectors and Industry Groups tell you much about WHEN a TOP will finally arrive. Believe me we are getting CLOSE!

* It is now-a-days clear even to pre-schoolers that "QE" makes the market richer. HUM! That's something to PONDER! In such situations, I suggest Caution and Prudence is better than GREED.

* I advise "Income" Investors and that is not an easy job these days. The S&P 500 yield is just above 2.0%. Investing in Companies above 6% or 7% is definitely not wise. Want to know why - just ask me.

* Find someone with a clear Methodology and Follow-It! There are many random influences and events that seem ever-more to take you away from the "correct path." Steadfast consistency will always be rewarding.

* There have been two BEAR Markets since 2000. The Mutual Fund - Buy and Hold philosophy of investing would have cost you two set backs of 50% and 55% respectively. Being "Consistent" is not following the Mutual Fund machine. The worst Market Losses occurred in 1929, 1972, 1987, 2000, and 2007. The next one is in formation.

* The coming decade will cost you much disappointing compensation for your investment risk if you do no aggressively seek experienced Guidance and Direction for your investment assets.

* Employment / Un-Employment figures from the Government are a farce and I won't be swayed by them. Try finding something written about Job Openings and Labor Turnover. It is a survey referred to as JOLTS.

* Let's look at a few of the divergences. For example, the Emerging Markets are seemingly leading the way DOWN.

* Another is: In recent months Bonds Have Fallen like a Rock, and the U.S. Dollar is making new highs. That is BEARISH !

* Remember Europe is still in Recession. The U.S. Economy is being propped up by misleading numbers and a supporting media that dances to the puppet strings.

* In China: a) Corporate Debt is not at all in control. Too much - Too Fast. b) Growth is whining. c) Corruption abounds.

* If you are not aware, there WILL CONYINUE TO BE significant pressure on Corporate Profits. You should be able to translate that rather easily by reviewing first quarter and current Earnings Reports.

* Banks and the equilvant of Wall Street, throughout the World have the Political Leaders by the Balls, and they (Government) will do as they are TOLD.

* I continue to TELL YOU (in all due respect) that: The Marketplace is Over-Valued / Over / Bought / Overly Bullish Enthusiasm / and this Condition Has ALWAYS cost the ever-sleeping Investor, all his or her profits from previous Bull Markets. Yes, the Bull Market persists but the Bear Market is preparing to do what it always has done.

Translation to the Above



My "Stuff" is currently Bearish and very ACCURATE. The current Rally will soon FAIL.

Suggested Solution

There will ALWAYS be Conservative - both Bullish and Bearish Investment Opportunities from which to PROFIT. I preach "Being Selective" and have written much about this subject.


Dr. Steve