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Summary of My Recent InstaBlog Postings for: AAPL and My Ten Top - Dow Companies { August 19, 2011 }

|Includes: AA, Apple Inc. (AAPL), BAC, CSCO, GE, INTC, JPM, MSFT, PFE, T, XOM

Summary of My Recent InstaBlog Postings for:  AAPL and My Ten Top - Dow Companies  { August 19, 2011 }


Intro:  I recently posted 11 Instablogs with specific Opinions for each Company.  I will soon be adding Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Treasuries (Longer-Term)


It is my intent to keep these Companies current as to my Forecasts / Warnings / Alerts.  If you have follow my Articles - over 50, InstaBlogs – over 70 and my StockTalks - over 100 - - - you are aware of the near perfect accuracy of my work / analytics.


In SA – InstaBlog - March, April and May of this year I did a series of all Dow 30 Industrial Companies.  Your review of my forecasts / warnings / alerts will confirm – had they been followed - much of losses that have occurred would have been prevented.  They were dead-on!  Please read my Bio – the URL is below.


I discontinued that hard work due to very little response from serious investors and much hee-haa about how wrong could an old guy like me - could be.  (Well - They were wrong and I was as usual (for over 50 years) right, but I never hear any apologizes ! ! !)  As you can perhaps understand - the hee-haa got to me so I stopped posting Articles, Instablogs and StockTalks for over a full month here in SA.  I am pleased to share that many of you sent Emails requesting that I start my posting again.  Thanks to you for the encouragement, I will try again to share my talents and perhaps learn to disregard the negative stuff that seems to be an exclusive with many of the readers of  -


My Present Investment Strategy:  I am near-term bearish with the expectation of a bullish inflection point in the coming couple / few weeks.  Where that rally will take us is, as always, up to those that manipulate the Stock Market.  Those folks would include Wall Street, Stock Brokerage firms and their puppet stockbrokers / traders, Mutual Funds and their puppet financial analysts and the financial Media whose writers and commentators have a ring in their brown nose.  If you are doing business with any of these – I suggest you stop today – or – you will continue to be disappointed ( Financially ) in the coming months and years.


If I can be of any person help offering direction to your investment program, please send an Email.


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