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Silver (Spot Price) @ $43 - - What - When - Why . . . { August 22, 2011 }

|Includes: ABX, AGQ, AU, BVN, EGO, FCX, HL, iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV), SSRI, WPM, XME, ZSL

Silver (Spot Price)  @  $43  - -  What  -  When  -  Why . . .  { August 22, 2011 }

Investing Wisely requires knowing and implementing these three ( W’s ) very well.  With the command of these three aspects of investing, I guarantee you will have consistent annual profits and enjoy financial peace of mind.

Current Opinion:   $SILVER Continues to be a Buy – BUT – I would not take positions now.  A pull back is coming soon, after which Silver will likely be an Good – Very Good Re-Buy.  Silver is not and has not followed Gold like in the past.  The late April pull back of  $17 or about 33% is strong reason for concern for future possible similar such pull backs.  Caution is warranted and that is a strong “warning.”   

The next $SILVER Inflection Point will be Bearish.  During bearish general market time frames, despite its recent strength, I would rather go to cash to be safer than hold for a possible and meaningful pull back.   - - -   Note:  The accuracy of my forecasts / warnings / alerts is well respected as well as very accurate and profitable.  I use cash as a safe harbor and will short in bearish time frames.  If you are a buy & hold investor you would be wise to follow this series in InstaBlog.

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I will post updates - on or around any change, in my opinion, or inflection point to keep you well informed.

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