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Crude Oil (Spot Price) @ $83 - - What - When - Why . . . { August 22, 2011 }

|Includes: BJS, CVX, DIG, DTO, DUG, HAL, OLO, SCO, SLB, UCO, USG, The United States Oil ETF, LP (USO), XES, XLE, XOM, XOP

Crude Oil (Spot Price)  @  $83  - -  What  -  When  -  Why . . .  { August 22, 2011 }

Investing Wisely requires knowing and implementing these three ( W’s ) very well.  With the command of these three aspects of investing, I guarantee you will have consistent annual profits and enjoy financial peace of mind.

Current Opinion:   $WTIC Continues to be a Sell / Hold Cash.  I would not take short positions now.  A pull back is coming soon, after which Crude Oil will not be the best of Re-Buys available.  Silver is not and has not followed Gold like in the past.  The late April pull back from $115 is serious and is strong reason for concern for future possible bullish moves like from 2009 at $35 to April.  Caution is warranted and that is a strong “warning.”   

However the next $WTIC Inflection Point will be Bullish.  When this occurs, I will be quite cautious about Energy and likely find other Sectors to focus on.  Remember my strong advice to use my Rotation Model and not stick with just one Sector or Company. ( please let me know if you would like information on my Rotation Model).   - - -   Note:  The accuracy of my forecasts / warnings / alerts is well respected as well as very accurate and profitable.  I use cash as a safe harbor and will short in bearish time frames.  If you are a buy & hold investor you would be wise to follow this series in InstaBlog.

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I will post updates - on or around any change, in my opinion, or inflection point to keep you well informed.

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