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My Biography: In 2001, I retired and now permanently reside in Mexico. After 5 years of managing my own affairs, I resumed my career in 2007 as a financial analyst / asset manager. My career began while in University as a – manual chartist for some wealthy Investors, who had a fancy math formula from Wharton School of Finance that required an advanced background in math – that was in 1957. I have kept those old books of Charts, and the basic formula still produces profits. I'm pleased to say that the formula / algorithm is now calculated by computer, but I still get to draw fancy lines. If you would like to have further information about my work / analytics or perhaps my Professional Services - - asset management, mentoring or consulting – services . . . just send me an Email, click here, ( ) and I will respond promptly. Please understand that this offer is for serious investors. I expect you to share just a bit about yourself and your investment objectives - that is important to me. Furthermore, I never read or respond to the Seeking Alpha generated Messages or any Comments on my articles. Unfortunately, my experience has been very unsatisfactory. If you are seriously interested in learning more about what I do - - please Email me. I write a bi-weekly personal blog you might like. click here.!/Invest Rotation Education: I have several degrees, i.e. post graduate degrees and two doctorates. And a great deal of (too much) continued financial education. For seven years, I was a University Professor of Finance and Economics. No question, I learned more than I taught! Licenses: I had all that were needed / required and more. Designations: Over all those years, there were many initials after my name! Business Experience: I owned a privately held asset-management firm and managed individual investor and corporate accounts as a Registered Investment Advisor - for over 40 years. Published Articles: I have written and published over 400 papers / articles for both local and national circulation. Current Status: In late 2007 I came out of retirement and re-entered my writing financial commentaries in various financial blogs. I began a Weekly, Commentary / Update for the ex-patriot locals here in Mexico. In my first issue, October 2007 – I recommended - Holding 100% Cash and forecast that the Marketplace was at a Top that was meaningful. To date, within this Weekly – Commentary / Update I have accurately identified all Inflection Points, i.e. the 2009 February and subsequent Lows. The December and the recent April Highs were also forecasted and identified. I have resumed offering Asset Management and Consulting / Mentoring services as a Boutique Research Firm Financial Analyst. Email me if you might be interestes. click here. I am currently also Blogging with / and of course here in SA. I also maintain a Private Blog, click here (!/InvestRotation ). For twelve years, I maintained an International Website - Called: "The MoneyDr." Something to Ponder for those of you that might choose to "Follow" - - or choose Not to "Follow": A little monolog to set myself apart from those who call themselves - "traders": Over all these, many years of managing assets, I have witnessed a large number of tragic situations as told to me by scores of Investors. It quickly became clear to me, early on in my career, that the financial industry is wrought with many divisive ways to separate you from your money. It takes advantage of words and emotion like: greed, fortune, comfortable retirement, etc. while at the same time restricting, if not preventing the you the Investor from understanding how to make money at a fair rate of return and to do so consistently. Over the recent years, "they" (Wall Street) has upped the requirements (complexity) for the average guy or gal to become a successful Investor. That's tragic! Perhaps the biggest lie and sales pitch and flow of miss-leading information is the “Buy and Hold” philosophy, "they" (Wall Street, Mutual Funds, the Media, and Financial Salespersons) continuously pro-pound. B & H has not been a path to successful investing and profits for several decades, and I am sure, never will! I have written many articles with the secondary title: “Why Most Investors and Nearly All Traders Lose Money." It hits hard, and the brokerage community has made life tough for me (retaliation wise) on many occasions over these years. My continuous debunking of their ways and personal goals to a lush financial lifestyle, using your money, is simple not on their agenda. The reality regarding Wall Street is that they want to make money off you, not With or For You! They are smarter (within their field) than the average Investor, in particularly by just knowing how things work, but never sharing the simple – How To - with YOU. I continue to believe that these truths and facts should be well understood by Investors, but unfortunately, and apparently it/they are not! For me, simple logic says that any professional is better trained, within their given field, then the lay or inexperienced person. Investors seeking only a fair and honest flow of profits as well as information and data are frequently disappointed. There is now a new and equally serious problem as is the Buy and Hold philosophy. It’s the Investor backlash to B & H, which is called Day Trading. DT is the new "" In "" answer, but once again people are not taking time to realize that "Investing" is much different than Day or Fast Trading. Since Day Trading began the statistics complied by Lipper Analytical Services and Yankelovich Partners clearly show that this too (Day Trading or Fast Trading) is a Big Loser for the average guy or gal. These two companies are highly regarded in the field of providing statistical information and data as well as offering excellent articles on and about the financial industry. See Google regarding these companies. "Investing Wisely" is kind of my handle and the methodology I have developed over the years is quite unique. I publish information about - how I go about making money, which is available upon request. I would like to ask you to ponder / think for a minute or so about the following question: Who and What is your current broker or financial advisor? Sure, many if not most have great credentials, and often a great deal of charisma, but it remains an undesirable fact that these people are simple “Salespersons." Is your medical Doctor or are your best friends – salespersons? In baseball talk, that’s (strike one through strike three all in a pitch - or did I mean sales-pitch?). You as an Investor have little choice or alternative but to deal with these highly motivated financial representatives. That's tragic. Understanding these facts and concepts is the first step to your positive financial future and peace of mine. Next on the list is finding an advisor / mentor, who will teach and share facts and truth with you, on a personalized basis, before you invest, not after you have lost a great deal of money. I'm sure that we all understand that the cyber world has been permanently injected into our lives and lifestyle. Financial Blogs abound with an over-flowing supply of information and opinions. Most of which is often incorrect and filled with very persuasive salesmanship! Therefore, I regret to say / agree that, it is clearly difficult to find such an experienced and trustworthy professional to mentor and assist in guiding you through a profitable process of "Investing Wisely." My advice is - keep digging until you find such a professional. Ask tough and direct questions to what appears to be an experienced and trustworthy advisor and, over time, see if his or her answers and communication have substance and give you a feeling that this professional honestly cares about YOU. Don't forget, the job description - it is to make money, and this is serious stuff. I think you will find that the time you give to the consideration and evaluation of my work / analytics will be very profitable for you. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio, I hope you can find the "right" professional "just for you" in all the important disciplines of life, and you can prosper financially with a smile. Steven H. Bauer, Ph.D.

Supportive Information for My Standard & Poors 500 - Large Cap Articles


My logo is: "Investing Wisely."

This Article is presented so you have a list of all my - - Standard & Poors - 500 Companies with the Symbol, Name, Sector, Industry Group and Dividend Percent. I apologize that I have not been able to put this list in a more orderly fashion, believe me I tried.

Obviously the List is Long so I put it at the bottom of my narrative and other supportive URLs.

You may also want to visit my three Articles for Asset Allocation of your Portfolio. I focus on just three areas of Asset Management: Income / Growth / Aggressive Growth.

The URLs are:

For a Listing of my Support Articles for Income / Growth / Aggressive Growth - Just Click - - >



Aggressive Growth:

- - -

For a Full Listing of my most current Articles - Just Click - - > index

- - -

My "S & P 500 Articles" are designed to provide Investors specific support and direction for the profitable management of their portfolios. They are intended to share the fact that PROFITS are always well "Hidden." I do my best to communicate the essence, e.g. - - Is it - or - Will it be more Profitable to - - Hold the Company / ETF in your Portfolio - or - Hold-Cash for a future investment?

It is my strong belief that Investors, who are seeking "Income" (perhaps for Monthly Income) - or - "Growth" (perhaps for keeping up with Inflation) - or - "Aggressive Growth" (perhaps because that person / investor is Proactive by Nature) - - are being short-changed by Mutual Funds and often the Brokerage community. These organizations / firms - - longer-term performance record - does not come close to my minimum and attainable objectives.

That "Income" objective is a consistent annual return of 10% to 12% or more. Most often more!

That "Growth" objective is a consistent annual return of 12% to 18% or more. Most often more!

That "Aggressive Growth objective is a consistent annual return of 18% to 24% or more. Most often more!

With over 50 years of Asset-Management experience, I have much confidence that I can continue to serve my "Three Asset Allocation Models" as stated above and annually offer that kind of return with a very low risk / reward threshold.

Confirming that you have an appropriate and personalized Asset Allocation Model is your first step to consistent annual profits and financial peace of mind. (I can help if you like).

Forecasting - - to Insure Profits

I began Forecasting four decades ago. Upon coming out of retirement in 2007 this focus has become a daily routine. I began publishing my Forecasting here in early in 2011.

Forecasting is quite simple once you do it over and over again for many years. Being consistently Profitable begins with Accurate Forecasting and Analytic Procedures, then it requires Well Honed: Fundamental - Valuation, Technical - Analytics and Consensus - Opinion. When you add my Confirmation work, it ends with Profitable Results. (F / C = PR).

The above (F / C = PR) is as Accurate and Profitable - formula as anything you will find in the financial blogs you may be reading. Try me!

My near-term and longer-term Forecast for any Indice, Sector, Industry Group, Company, Commodity or ETF on the planet, goes through a process the gives me a "heads-up" or leading picture of those securities that I call: Candidates for Buying (C4Bs) and Candidates for Shorting (C4Ss). On a daily basis, I simple research and do my analytics on a number of securities.

It is kind of like going fishing, some days you come home empty, and sometimes you catch your limit or even a Big One! I then add those that project to be very Profitable in future months and add those as "Candidates" - Bullish or Bearish on my two "Lists."

Guidance as to My Use of the Terms: "Hold" and "Hold-Cash"

All of my published articles use just two terms for guidance and direction that I would like to explain. A little support and details never hurts when it comes to managing money "Wisely."

Each Sunday I write and Publish an Article, here in, about What I Learned in the Past Week. For me as a senior and academic person (two doctorates) I continue to focus on just two things: The first is on going Learning - and - from the Learning, the second are the Rewards, and they are called Profits.

The terms are: HOLD and HOLD-CASH.

Typically, when I Forecast or offer my Opinion to: HOLD, I am assuming you currently have a position in that Company or ETF. Or -- Perhaps you are just considering it for Buying? I will often say: HOLD, "In anticipation of taking profits." Clearly, that implies that my Analytics does not suggest that there is much more up-side for that particular security. This is particularly so, when it is coupled with my words: Initial or Strong - Bearish "Warning." This later term can become very difficult for some investors to handle. It is a "Now World" and Discipline and Patience is often difficult for people / investors to maintain. My "Initial or Strong - Bearish "Warning" can be in place for literally months. That is why I also say: "Don't get nervous quite yet." Caution and Prudence are just two more components of consistently Profiting in the Stock Market for me.

Ok, now you should know that I also use perhaps a more positive set of words - they are: Initial or Strong - Bullish "Alert." Here I often say: "Don't get excited quite yet."

As mentioned above, I maintain two Lists for my Asset Management. They are Candidates for Buying (C4Bs) and Candidates for Selling (C4Ss). (The latter can also be used for Shorting with Aggressive Clients).

Typically, when I Forecast or offer my Opinion to: HOLD-CASH, I am assuming you do not have a position in that Company or ETF. HOLDING-CASH is not something Wall Street tends TO Recommend! I DO ! It is another way of my telling you I have "Sold" that security and am Holding Cash.

When my Clients are "Holding-Cash" they are waiting for me to make new Formal - Buy (or perhaps Short) - Recommendations. Those Recommendations will rarely be the same Company or ETF; I am Forecasting - or - giving my Opinion on in my Public Blogs!

Think about that for a minute or so - - I have a very large Universe of "Income" / "Growth" / "Aggressive Growth" securities to choose from! Seldom are the Big Blue or High Profile Companies or ETFs the most prudent and project to be the most profitable in which to invest your money.

I do not publicly provide: Buy / Sell -- Formal Recommendations but I will be very specific with guidance and direction via Email with you - - that is for us to get acquainted.

Additional Support

You might want to check out my Personal Blog. I cover a lot of ground each and every day. Just Click - - >

For Guidance / Direction on the above Securities or perhaps your favorites - or - further insight into my Analytics, feel free to Email me.

My Email Address:

Asset Allocation Model

"Income" is one of three Asset Allocation Models that I use with each of my Clients in the management of their assets. The other two are: "Growth" and "Aggressive Growth."

As a retired, doctor of Finance & Economics and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) - - I have the following criteria for each allocation. Companies or ETFs must have:

Income: 2% to approx. 6% Dividends with a high probability of Modest Growth. Growth: Superior Growth often with a 2% or less Dividend.

Aggressive Growth: Pro-Active Growth with typically no Dividend.

I hope you have a personalized Asset Allocation Model in place for your investment portfolio.

I try to write several Articles covering these thee Asset Allocation Models every week that are posted in the following list.

For a Full Listing of my most current Articles - Just Click - - > index

List of all 500 S&P Large Cap Companies

S&P - 500 Companies - Alphebetical

AAgilent Technologies Inc.HealthcareMedical Laboratories & Research1.03%

AA"Alcoa, Inc."Basic MaterialsAluminum1.47%

AAPLApple Inc.Consumer GoodsElectronic Equipment2.45%

ABBVAbbVie Inc.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Major3.59%

ABCAmerisourceBergen CorporationServicesDrugs Wholesale1.45%

ABTAbbott LaboratoriesHealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment1.57%

ACEACE LimitedFinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance2.25%

ACNAccenture plcTechnologyInformation Technology Services2.27%

ACT"Actavis, Inc."HealthcareDrugs - Generic

ADBEAdobe Systems Inc.TechnologyApplication Software

ADIAnalog Devices Inc.TechnologyPrinted Circuit Boards2.78%

ADMArcher Daniels Midland CompanyConsumer GoodsFarm Products1.97%

ADP"Automatic Data Processing, Inc."TechnologyBusiness Software & Services2.39%

ADSK"Autodesk, Inc."TechnologyTechnical & System Software

ADTThe ADT CorporationServicesSecurity & Protection Services1.22%

AEEAmeren CorporationUtilitiesDiversified Utilities4.61%

AEP"American Electric Power Co., Inc."UtilitiesElectric Utilities4.42%

AESThe AES CorporationUtilitiesElectric Utilities1.23%

AETAetna Inc.HealthcareHealth Care Plans1.27%

AFLAFLAC Inc.FinancialAccident & Health Insurance2.27%

AGNAllergan Inc.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Other0.22%

AIG"American International Group, Inc."FinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance0.83%

AIVApartment Investment & Management Co.FinancialREIT - Residential3.34%

AIZAssurant Inc.FinancialAccident & Health Insurance1.80%

AKAM"Akamai Technologies, Inc."TechnologyInternet Information Providers

ALLThe Allstate CorporationFinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance1.99%

ALTRAltera Corp.TechnologySemiconductor - Specialized1.69%

ALXN"Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc."HealthcareBiotechnology

AMATApplied Materials Inc.TechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials2.54%

AMD"Advanced Micro Devices, Inc."TechnologySemiconductor - Broad Line

AMGNAmgen Inc.HealthcareBiotechnology1.76%

AMPAmeriprise Financial Inc.FinancialAsset Management2.32%

AMTAmerican Tower CorporationFinancialREIT - Diversified1.55% Inc.ServicesCatalog & Mail Order Houses

ANAutoNation Inc.ServicesAuto Dealerships

ANFAbercrombie & Fitch Co.ServicesApparel Stores1.59%

AONAon CorporationFinancialInsurance Brokers1.02%

APAApache Corp.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.99%

APCAnadarko Petroleum CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.40%

APDAir Products & Chemicals Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified2.76%

APHAmphenol CorporationTechnologyDiversified Electronics1.04%

APOLApollo Group Inc.ServicesEducation & Training Services

ARGAirgas Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified1.86%

ATIAllegheny Technologies Inc.Industrial GoodsMetal Fabrication2.55%

AVBAvalonbay Communities Inc.FinancialREIT - Residential3.33%

AVPAvon Products Inc.Consumer GoodsPersonal Products1.13%

AVYAvery Dennison CorporationConsumer GoodsBusiness Equipment2.56%

AXPAmerican Express CompanyFinancialCredit Services1.21%

AZOAutoZone Inc.ServicesAuto Parts Stores

BABoeing Co.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & Services1.86%

BACBank of America CorporationFinancialMoney Center Banks0.27%

BAXBaxter International Inc.HealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies2.67%

BBBYBed Bath & Beyond Inc.ServicesHome Furnishing Stores

BBTBB&T CorporationFinancialRegional - Mid-Atlantic Banks2.58%

BBYBest Buy Co. Inc.ServicesElectronics Stores2.15%

BCRCR Bard Inc.HealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies0.73%

BDX"Becton, Dickinson and Company"HealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies1.99%

BEAM"Beam, Inc."Consumer GoodsBeverages - Wineries & Distillers1.43%

BENFranklin Resources Inc.FinancialAsset Management0.80%

BF-BBrown-Forman CorporationConsumer GoodsBeverages - Wineries & Distillers1.97%

BHIBaker Hughes IncorporatedBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & Services1.27%

BIIBBiogen Idec Inc.HealthcareBiotechnology

BKThe Bank of New York Mellon CorporationFinancialAsset Management1.96%

BLK"BlackRock, Inc."FinancialAsset Management2.42%

BLLBall CorporationConsumer GoodsPackaging & Containers1.15%

BMCBMC Software Inc.TechnologyApplication Software

BMS"Bemis Company, Inc."Consumer GoodsPackaging & Containers2.50%

BMYBristol-Myers Squibb CompanyHealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Major3.26%

BRCMBroadcom Corp.TechnologySemiconductor - Integrated Circuits1.66%

BRK-BBerkshire Hathaway Inc.FinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance

BSXBoston Scientific CorporationHealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment

BTUPeabody Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsIndustrial Metals & Minerals1.90%

BWABorgWarner Inc.Consumer GoodsAuto Parts1.02%

BXPBoston Properties Inc.FinancialREIT - Office2.51%

C"Citigroup, Inc."FinancialMoney Center Banks0.08%

CACA TechnologiesTechnologyBusiness Software & Services3.20%

CAG"ConAgra Foods, Inc."Consumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods2.78%

CAH"Cardinal Health, Inc."ServicesDrugs Wholesale2.32%

CAMCameron International CorporationBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & Services

CATCaterpillar Inc.Industrial GoodsFarm & Construction Machinery2.80%

CBThe Chubb CorporationFinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance2.05%

CBG"CBRE Group, Inc"FinancialProperty Management

CBSCBS CorporationServicesBroadcasting - TV0.91%

CCECoca-Cola Enterprises Inc.Consumer GoodsBeverages - Soft Drinks2.08%

CCICrown Castle International Corp.TechnologyDiversified Communication Services

CCLCarnival CorporationServicesResorts & Casinos2.71%

CELGCelgene CorporationHealthcareBiotechnology

CERNCerner CorporationTechnologyHealthcare Information Services

CF"CF Industries Holdings, Inc."Basic MaterialsAgricultural Chemicals0.85%

CFNCareFusion CorporationHealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies

CHKChesapeake Energy CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas1.41%

CHRWCH Robinson Worldwide Inc.ServicesAir Delivery & Freight Services2.51%

CICigna Corp.HealthcareHealth Care Plans0.05%

CINFCincinnati Financial Corp.FinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance3.33%

CLColgate-Palmolive Co.Consumer GoodsPersonal Products2.24%

CLFCliffs Natural Resources Inc.Basic MaterialsIndustrial Metals & Minerals2.44%

CLXThe Clorox CompanyConsumer GoodsHousewares & Accessories3.32%

CMAComerica IncorporatedFinancialRegional - Midwest Banks1.61%

CMCSAComcast CorporationServicesEntertainment - Diversified1.78%

CMECME Group Inc.FinancialInvestment Brokerage - National2.43%

CMG"Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc."ServicesRestaurants

CMICummins Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery1.96%

CMSCMS Energy Corp.UtilitiesElectric Utilities3.73%

CNP"CenterPoint Energy, Inc."UtilitiesDiversified Utilities3.52%

CNXCONSOL Energy Inc.Basic MaterialsIndustrial Metals & Minerals1.59%

COFCapital One Financial Corp.FinancialCredit Services1.76%

COGCabot Oil & Gas CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.11%

COH"Coach, Inc."Consumer GoodsTextile - Apparel Footwear & Accessories2.54%

COLRockwell Collins Inc.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & Services1.62%

COPConocoPhillipsBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration4.11%

COSTCostco Wholesale CorporationServices"Discount, Variety Stores"1.09%

COVCovidien plcHealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies1.64%

CPBCampbell Soup Co.Consumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods2.47%

CRMSalesforce.comTechnologyApplication Software

CSCComputer Sciences CorporationTechnologyInformation Technology Services1.53%

CSCO"Cisco Systems, Inc."TechnologyNetworking & Communication Devices2.58%

CSXCSX Corp.ServicesRailroads2.37%

CTASCintas CorporationServicesBusiness Services1.30%

CTL"CenturyLink, Inc."TechnologyTelecom Services - Domestic6.40%

CTSHCognizant Technology Solutions CorporationTechnologyBusiness Software & Services

CTXS"Citrix Systems, Inc."TechnologyBusiness Software & Services

CVCCablevision Systems CorporationServicesCATV Systems3.14%

CVSCVS Caremark CorporationServicesDrug Stores1.51%

CVXChevron CorporationBasic MaterialsMajor Integrated Oil & Gas3.28%

D"Dominion Resources, Inc."UtilitiesElectric Utilities3.82%

DDE. I. du Pont de Nemours and CompanyBasic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified3.03%

DEDeere & CompanyIndustrial GoodsFarm & Construction Machinery2.48%

DELLDell Inc.TechnologyPersonal Computers2.33%

DFSDiscover Financial ServicesFinancialCredit Services1.59%

DGDollar General CorporationServices"Discount, Variety Stores"

DGXQuest Diagnostics Inc.HealthcareMedical Laboratories & Research2.00%

DHIDR Horton Inc.Industrial GoodsResidential Construction0.83%

DHRDanaher Corp.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery0.15%

DISWalt Disney Co.ServicesEntertainment - Diversified1.17%

DISCA"Discovery Communications, Inc."ServicesCATV Systems

DLPHDelphi Automotive PLCConsumer GoodsAuto Parts1.22%

DLTR"Dollar Tree, Inc."Services"Discount, Variety Stores"

DNBDun & Bradstreet Corp.TechnologyInformation & Delivery Services1.52%

DNRDenbury Resources Inc.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas

DODiamond Offshore Drilling Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration0.74%

DOVDover Corp.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery1.58%

DOWThe Dow Chemical CompanyBasic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified3.39%

DPS"Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc."Consumer GoodsBeverages - Soft Drinks3.31%

DRI"Darden Restaurants, Inc."ServicesRestaurants4.51%

DTEDTE Energy Co.UtilitiesElectric Utilities3.78%

DTV"DIRECTV, Inc."ServicesCATV Systems

DUKDuke Energy CorporationUtilitiesElectric Utilities4.52%

DVA"DaVita, Inc."HealthcareSpecialized Health Services

DVNDevon Energy CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas1.52%

EAElectronic Arts Inc.TechnologyMultimedia & Graphics Software

EBAYeBay Inc.ServicesCatalog & Mail Order Houses

ECLEcolab Inc.Consumer GoodsCleaning Products0.99%

EDConsolidated Edison Inc.UtilitiesElectric Utilities4.22%

EFXEquifax Inc.FinancialCredit Services1.37%

EIXEdison InternationalUtilitiesElectric Utilities2.80%

ELEstee Lauder Companies Inc.Consumer GoodsPersonal Products1.11%

EMCEMC CorporationTechnologyData Storage Devices1.49%

EMNEastman Chemical Co.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified1.50%

EMREmerson Electric Co.TechnologyDiversified Electronics2.64%

EOG"EOG Resources, Inc."Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.48%

EQREquity ResidentialFinancialREIT - Residential3.04%

EQTEQT CorporationUtilitiesGas Utilities0.14%

ESRXExpress Scripts Inc.HealthcareHealth Care Plans

ESVEnsco plcBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration3.49%

ETFCE*TRADE Financial CorporationFinancialInvestment Brokerage - National

ETNEaton CorporationTechnologyDiversified Electronics2.52%

ETREntergy CorporationUtilitiesElectric Utilities5.01%

EWEdwards Lifesciences Corp.HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment

EXCExelon CorporationUtilitiesDiversified Utilities4.07%

EXPDExpeditors International of Washington Inc.ServicesAir Delivery & Freight Services1.48%

EXPEExpedia Inc.ServicesLodging1.23%

FFord Motor Co.Consumer GoodsAuto Manufacturers - Major2.37%

FASTFastenal CompanyIndustrial GoodsGeneral Building Materials2.15%

FCXFreeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.Basic MaterialsCopper3.96%

FDOFamily Dollar Stores Inc.Services"Discount, Variety Stores"1.44%

FDXFedEx CorporationServicesAir Delivery & Freight Services0.55%

FEFirstEnergy Corp.UtilitiesElectric Utilities5.92%

FFIV"F5 Networks, Inc."TechnologyApplication Software

FHNFirst Horizon National CorporationFinancialRegional - Southeast Banks1.66%

FIS"Fidelity National Information Services, Inc."TechnologyInformation Technology Services1.87%

FISV"Fiserv, Inc."ServicesBusiness Services

FITBFifth Third BancorpFinancialRegional - Midwest Banks2.51%

FLIR"FLIR Systems, Inc."Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & Services1.09%

FLRFluor CorporationIndustrial GoodsHeavy Construction0.96%

FLSFlowserve Corp.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery0.98%

FMCFMC Corp.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified0.82%

FOSL"Fossil, Inc."Consumer Goods"Recreational Goods, Other"

FRXForest Laboratories Inc.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Other

FSLR"First Solar, Inc."TechnologySemiconductor - Specialized

FTI"FMC Technologies, Inc."Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & Services

FTRFrontier Communications CorporationTechnologyTelecom Services - Domestic8.49%

GASAGL Resources Inc.UtilitiesGas Utilities4.13%

GCI"Gannett Co., Inc."ServicesPublishing - Newspapers3.13%

GDGeneral Dynamics Corp.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & Services2.63%

GEGeneral Electric CompanyIndustrial GoodsDiversified Machinery3.16%

GILDGilead Sciences Inc.HealthcareBiotechnology

GIS"General Mills, Inc."Consumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods2.92%

GLWCorning Inc.TechnologyDiversified Electronics2.65%

GMGeneral Motors CompanyConsumer GoodsAuto Manufacturers - Major

GMEGameStop Corp.ServicesElectronics Stores2.26%

GNWGenworth Financial Inc.FinancialLife Insurance

GOOGGoogle Inc.TechnologyInternet Information Providers

GPCGenuine Parts CompanyServicesAuto Parts Wholesale2.67%

GPSGap Inc.ServicesApparel Stores1.36%

GRMNGarmin Ltd.TechnologyScientific & Technical Instruments4.63%

GS"The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc."FinancialInvestment Brokerage - National1.22%

GTGoodyear Tire & Rubber Co.Consumer GoodsRubber & Plastics

GWW"W.W. Grainger, Inc."ServicesIndustrial Equipment Wholesale1.47%

HALHalliburton CompanyBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & Services1.07%

HARHarman International Industries Inc.Consumer GoodsElectronic Equipment0.87%

HASHasbro Inc.Consumer GoodsToys & Games3.52%

HBANHuntington Bancshares IncorporatedFinancialRegional - Midwest Banks2.32%

HCBK"Hudson City Bancorp, Inc."FinancialSavings & Loans1.68%

HCN"Health Care REIT, Inc."FinancialREIT - Healthcare Facilities5.00%

HCP"HCP, Inc."FinancialREIT - Healthcare Facilities5.16%

HD"The Home Depot, Inc."ServicesHome Improvement Stores2.01%

HESHess CorporationBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & Marketing0.53%

HIGHartford Financial Services Group Inc.FinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance1.92%

HOG"Harley-Davidson, Inc."Consumer GoodsRecreational Vehicles1.43%

HONHoneywell International Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery1.97%

HOTStarwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.ServicesLodging1.88%

HPHelmerich & Payne Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration3.01%

HPQHewlett-Packard CompanyTechnologyDiversified Computer Systems2.13%

HRB"H&R Block, Inc."ServicesPersonal Services2.59%

HRLHormel Foods Corp.Consumer GoodsMeat Products1.57%

HRSHarris Corp.TechnologyCommunication Equipment2.54%

HSPHospira Inc.HealthcareDrug Delivery

HSTHost Hotels & Resorts Inc.FinancialREIT - Hotel/Motel2.53%

HSYHershey Co.Consumer GoodsConfectioners2.02%

HUMHumana Inc.HealthcareHealth Care Plans1.17%

IBMInternational Business Machines Corp.TechnologyInformation Technology Services2.03%

ICE"IntercontinentalExchange, Inc."FinancialDiversified Investments

IFFInternational Flavors & Fragrances Inc.Basic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals1.88%

IGTInternational Game TechnologyTechnologyMultimedia & Graphics Software1.89%

INTCIntel CorporationTechnologySemiconductor - Broad Line3.99%

INTUIntuit Inc.TechnologyApplication Software1.05%

IPInternational Paper Co.Consumer GoodsPaper & Paper Products2.45%

IPG"The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc."ServicesAdvertising Agencies1.87%

IRIngersoll-Rand PlcIndustrial GoodsDiversified Machinery1.36%

IRMIron Mountain Inc.TechnologyBusiness Software & Services3.90%

ISRG"Intuitive Surgical, Inc."HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment

ITWIllinois Tool Works Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery2.07%

IVZInvesco Ltd.FinancialAsset Management2.74%

JBLJabil Circuit Inc.TechnologyPrinted Circuit Boards1.34%

JCIJohnson Controls Inc.Consumer GoodsAuto Parts1.82%

JCP"J. C. Penney Company, Inc."ServicesDepartment Stores

JDSUJDS Uniphase CorporationTechnologyCommunication Equipment

JECJacobs Engineering Group Inc.ServicesTechnical Services

JNJJohnson & JohnsonHealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Major2.91%

JNPR"Juniper Networks, Inc."TechnologyNetworking & Communication Devices

JOY"Joy Global, Inc."Industrial GoodsFarm & Construction Machinery1.33%

JPMJPMorgan Chase & Co.FinancialMoney Center Banks2.81%

JWNNordstrom Inc.ServicesApparel Stores2.02%

KKellogg CompanyConsumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods2.81%

KEYKeyCorpFinancialMoney Center Banks1.79%

KIMKimco Realty CorporationFinancialREIT - Retail3.87%

KLACKLA-Tencor CorporationTechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials2.72%

KMBKimberly-Clark CorporationConsumer GoodsPersonal Products3.35%

KMI"Kinder Morgan, Inc."Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Pipelines4.29%

KMXCarMax Inc.ServicesAuto Dealerships

KOThe Coca-Cola CompanyConsumer GoodsBeverages - Soft Drinks2.83%

KRThe Kroger Co.ServicesGrocery Stores1.55%

KRFT"Kraft Foods Group, Inc."Consumer GoodsFood - Major Diversified3.63%

KSSKohl's Corp.ServicesApparel Stores2.75%

KSUKansas City SouthernServicesRailroads0.80%

LLoews CorporationFinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance0.53%

LEG"Leggett & Platt, Incorporated"Consumer GoodsHome Furnishings & Fixtures3.83%

LENLennar Corp.Industrial GoodsResidential Construction0.51%

LHLaboratory Corp. of America HoldingsHealthcareMedical Laboratories & Research

LIFELife Technologies CorporationHealthcareMedical Laboratories & Research

LLLL-3 Communications Holdings Inc.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & Services2.38%

LLTCLinear Technology Corp.TechnologySemiconductor - Specialized2.62%

LLYEli Lilly & Co.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Major3.62%

LMLegg Mason Inc.FinancialAsset Management1.53%

LMTLockheed Martin CorporationIndustrial GoodsAerospace/Defense Products & Services3.72%

LNCLincoln National Corp.FinancialLife Insurance1.12%

LO"Lorillard, Inc."Consumer GoodsCigarettes5.06%

LOWLowe's Companies Inc.ServicesHome Improvement Stores1.60%

LRCXLam Research CorporationTechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials

LSILSI CorporationTechnologySemiconductor - Specialized1.56%

LTD"Limited Brands, Inc."ServicesApparel Stores1.97%

LUKLeucadia National Corp.Consumer GoodsMeat Products0.94%

LUVSouthwest Airlines Co.ServicesRegional Airlines1.19%

LYBLyondellBasell Industries NVBasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals2.87%

M"Macy's, Inc."ServicesDepartment Stores2.16%

MAMastercard IncorporatedFinancialCredit Services0.38%

MACMacerich Co.FinancialREIT - Retail3.87%

MAR"Marriott International, Inc."ServicesLodging1.66%

MASMasco CorporationIndustrial GoodsGeneral Building Materials1.57%

MATMattel Inc.Consumer GoodsToys & Games3.38%

MCDMcDonald's Corp.ServicesRestaurants3.20%

MCHPMicrochip Technology Inc.TechnologySemiconductor - Specialized3.52%

MCKMcKesson CorporationServicesDrugs Wholesale0.78%

MCOMoody's Corp.ServicesBusiness Services1.22%

MDLZ"Mondelez International, Inc."Consumer GoodsConfectioners1.65%

MDT"Medtronic, Inc."HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment2.03%

MET"MetLife, Inc."FinancialLife Insurance2.26%

MHFI"McGraw Hill Financial, Inc."ServicesBusiness Services1.82%

MJNMead Johnson Nutrition CompanyConsumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods1.77%

MKCMcCormick & Co. Inc.Consumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods1.89%

MMC"Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc."FinancialInsurance Brokers2.37%

MMM3M Co.ConglomeratesConglomerates2.16%

MNSTMonster Beverage CorporationConsumer GoodsBeverages - Soft Drinks

MOAltria Group Inc.Consumer GoodsCigarettes5.02%

MOLXMolex Inc.TechnologyDiversified Electronics3.11%

MONMonsanto Co.Basic MaterialsAgricultural Chemicals1.55%

MOSThe Mosaic CompanyBasic MaterialsAgricultural Chemicals2.29%

MPCMarathon Petroleum CorporationBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & Marketing2.28%

MRKMerck & Co. Inc.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Major3.54%

MROMarathon Oil CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas2.20%

MSMorgan StanleyFinancialInvestment Brokerage - National0.75%

MSFTMicrosoft CorporationTechnologyBusiness Software & Services2.84%

MSI"Motorola Solutions, Inc."TechnologyCommunication Equipment2.15%

MTBM&T Bank CorporationFinancialRegional - Northeast Banks2.38%

MUMicron Technology Inc.TechnologySemiconductor- Memory Chips

MURMurphy Oil CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas1.79%

MWVMeadWestvaco CorporationConsumer GoodsPackaging & Containers2.70%

MYL"Mylan, Inc."HealthcareDrugs - Generic

NBL"Noble Energy, Inc."Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.89%

NBRNabors Industries Ltd.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration1.02%

NDAQNasdaq OMX Group Inc.FinancialDiversified Investments1.63%

NENoble Corp.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration2.55%

NEE"NextEra Energy, Inc."UtilitiesElectric Utilities3.13%

NEMNewmont Mining Corp.Basic MaterialsGold3.13%

NFLX"Netflix, Inc."ServicesMusic & Video Stores

NFXNewfield Exploration Co.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas

NINiSource Inc.UtilitiesDiversified Utilities3.25%

NKENike Inc.Consumer GoodsTextile - Apparel Footwear & Accessories1.31%

NOCNorthrop Grumman CorporationIndustrial GoodsAerospace/Defense - Major Diversified2.57%

NOV"National Oilwell Varco, Inc."Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & Services1.42%

NRG"NRG Energy, Inc."UtilitiesDiversified Utilities1.81%

NSCNorfolk Southern Corp.ServicesRailroads2.82%

NTAP"NetApp, Inc."TechnologyData Storage Devices1.42%

NTRSNorthern Trust CorporationFinancialAsset Management2.16%

NUNortheast UtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities3.45%

NUENucor CorporationBasic MaterialsSteel & Iron3.08%

NVDANVIDIA CorporationTechnologySemiconductor - Specialized2.00%

NWLNewell Rubbermaid Inc.Consumer GoodsHousewares & Accessories2.25%

NWSANews Corp.ServicesBroadcasting - TV

NYX"NYSE Euronext, Inc."FinancialDiversified Investments2.85%

OI"Owens-Illinois, Inc."Consumer GoodsPackaging & Containers

OKEONEOK Inc.UtilitiesGas Utilities2.97%

OMCOmnicom Group Inc.ServicesAdvertising Agencies2.57%

ORCLOracle CorporationTechnologyApplication Software1.43%

ORLYO'Reilly Automotive Inc.ServicesAuto Parts Stores

OXYOccidental Petroleum CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas2.92%

PAYX"Paychex, Inc."ServicesStaffing & Outsourcing Services3.50%

PBCTPeople's United Financial Inc.FinancialSavings & Loans4.36%

PBIPitney Bowes Inc.Consumer GoodsBusiness Equipment4.25%

PCARPACCAR Inc.Consumer GoodsTrucks & Other Vehicles1.43%

PCGPG&E Corp.UtilitiesElectric Utilities4.14%

PCLPlum Creek Timber Co. Inc.FinancialREIT - Residential3.80% IncorporatedServicesBusiness Services

PCPPrecision Castparts Corp.Industrial GoodsMetal Fabrication0.05%

PDCOPatterson Companies Inc.ServicesMedical Equipment Wholesale1.51%

PEGPublic Service Enterprise Group Inc.UtilitiesDiversified Utilities4.33%

PEP"Pepsico, Inc."Consumer GoodsBeverages - Soft Drinks2.74%

PETM"PetSmart, Inc."Services"Specialty Retail, Other"0.89%

PFEPfizer Inc.HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Major3.31%

PFGPrincipal Financial Group Inc.FinancialAsset Management2.43%

PGProcter & Gamble Co.Consumer GoodsPersonal Products2.97%

PGRProgressive Corp.FinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance1.09%

PHParker Hannifin CorporationIndustrial GoodsIndustrial Equipment & Components1.70%

PHM"PulteGroup, Inc."Industrial GoodsResidential Construction1.32%

PKIPerkinElmer Inc.HealthcareMedical Laboratories & Research0.75%

PLD"Prologis, Inc."FinancialREIT - Industrial3.03%

PLLPall Corp.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery1.41%

PM"Philip Morris International, Inc."Consumer GoodsCigarettes3.86%

PNCPNC Financial Services Group Inc.FinancialMoney Center Banks2.32%

PNR"Pentair, Inc."Industrial GoodsIndustrial Equipment & Components1.58%

PNWPinnacle West Capital CorporationUtilitiesElectric Utilities3.85%

POM"Pepco Holdings, Inc."UtilitiesElectric Utilities5.47%

PPGPPG Industries Inc.Basic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals1.50%

PPLPPL CorporationUtilitiesElectric Utilities4.70%

PRGOPerrigo Co.HealthcareDrug Related Products0.28%

PRU"Prudential Financial, Inc."FinancialLife Insurance2.00%

PSAPublic StorageFinancialREIT - Diversified3.13%

PSXPhillips 66Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & Marketing2.13%

PVHPVH Corp.Consumer GoodsTextile - Apparel Clothing0.12%

PWR"Quanta Services, Inc."Industrial GoodsGeneral Contractors

PXPraxair Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major Diversified2.01%

PXDPioneer Natural Resources Co.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.05%

QCOMQUALCOMM IncorporatedTechnologyCommunication Equipment2.09%

QEP"QEP Resources, Inc."Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Pipelines0.27%

R"Ryder System, Inc."ServicesRental & Leasing Services2.27%

RAIReynolds American Inc.Consumer GoodsCigarettes5.02%

RDCRowan Companies Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration

REGN"Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc."HealthcareBiotechnology

RFRegions Financial Corp.FinancialRegional - Southeast Banks1.21%

RHIRobert Half International Inc.ServicesStaffing & Outsourcing Services1.66%

RHT"Red Hat, Inc."TechnologyApplication Software

RLRalph Lauren CorporationConsumer GoodsTextile - Apparel Clothing0.91%

ROKRockwell Automation Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery2.11%

ROPRoper Industries Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery0.52%

ROSTRoss Stores Inc.ServicesApparel Stores1.02%

RRCRange Resources CorporationBasic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas0.20%

RSG"Republic Services, Inc."Industrial GoodsWaste Management2.99%

RTNRaytheon Co.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense - Major Diversified2.88%

SSprint Nextel Corp.TechnologyDiversified Communication Services

SAI"SAIC, Inc."TechnologyInformation & Delivery Services3.06%

SBUXStarbucks CorporationServicesSpecialty Eateries1.17%

SCGSCANA Corp.UtilitiesElectric Utilities4.02%

SCHWThe Charles Schwab CorporationFinancialInvestment Brokerage - National1.09%

SESpectra Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Pipelines3.57%

SEESealed Air CorporationConsumer GoodsPackaging & Containers1.72%

SHWThe Sherwin-Williams CompanyBasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals1.18%

SIALSigma-Aldrich CorporationBasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals1.01%

SJMThe J. M. Smucker CompanyConsumer GoodsProcessed & Packaged Goods2.06%

SLBSchlumberger LimitedBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Equipment & Services1.52%

SLMSLM CorporationFinancialCredit Services2.40%

SNASnap-on Inc.Industrial GoodsSmall Tools & Accessories1.56%

SNDKSanDisk Corp.TechnologyData Storage Devices1.56%

SNI"Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc."ServicesBroadcasting - TV0.80%

SOSouthern CompanyUtilitiesElectric Utilities4.65%

SPGSimon Property Group Inc.FinancialREIT - Retail3.01%

SPLS"Staples, Inc."Services"Specialty Retail, Other"2.80%

SRCL"Stericycle, Inc."Industrial GoodsWaste Management

SRESempra EnergyUtilitiesGas Utilities2.95%

STI"SunTrust Banks, Inc."FinancialMoney Center Banks1.14%

STJSt. Jude Medical Inc.HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment1.87%

STTState Street Corp.FinancialAsset Management1.50%

STXSeagate Technology PLCTechnologyData Storage Devices3.70%

STZConstellation Brands Inc.Consumer GoodsBeverages - Wineries & Distillers

SWK"Stanley Black & Decker, Inc."Industrial GoodsMachine Tools & Accessories2.27%

SWNSouthwestern Energy Co.Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas

SWYSafeway Inc.ServicesGrocery Stores3.11%

SYKStryker Corp.HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment1.51%

SYMCSymantec CorporationTechnologySecurity Software & Services2.24%

SYYSysco Corp.ServicesFood Wholesale3.39%

T"AT&T, Inc."TechnologyTelecom Services - Domestic5.18%

TAPMolson Coors Brewing CompanyConsumer GoodsBeverages - Brewers2.47%

TDCTeradata CorporationTechnologyData Storage Devices

TE"TECO Energy, Inc."UtilitiesElectric Utilities5.10%

TEG"Integrys Energy Group, Inc."UtilitiesGas Utilities4.48%

TELTE Connectivity Ltd.TechnologyDiversified Electronics1.98%

TERTeradyne Inc.TechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials

TGTTarget Corp.Services"Discount, Variety Stores"2.46%

THCTenet Healthcare Corp.HealthcareHospitals

TIFTiffany & Co.ServicesJewelry Stores1.67%

TJX"The TJX Companies, Inc."ServicesDepartment Stores1.12%

TMKTorchmark Corp.FinancialLife Insurance0.96%

TMO"Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc."HealthcareMedical Laboratories & Research0.65%

TRIPTripAdvisor Inc.TechnologyInternet Information Providers

TROW"T. Rowe Price Group, Inc."FinancialAsset Management2.06%

TRV"The Travelers Companies, Inc."FinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance2.43%

TSNTyson Foods Inc.Consumer GoodsMeat Products0.63%

TSOTesoro CorporationBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & Marketing1.56%

TSS"Total System Services, Inc."TechnologyBusiness Software & Services1.40%

TWCTime Warner Cable Inc.ServicesCATV Systems2.31%

TWXTime Warner Inc.ServicesEntertainment - Diversified1.85%

TXNTexas Instruments Inc.TechnologySemiconductor - Broad Line2.86%

TXTTextron Inc.Industrial GoodsAerospace/Defense - Major Diversified0.28%

TYCTyco International Ltd.ServicesSecurity & Protection Services1.86%

UNH"Unitedhealth Group, Inc."HealthcareHealth Care Plans1.55%

UNMUnum GroupFinancialAccident & Health Insurance1.94%

UNPUnion Pacific CorporationServicesRailroads1.99%

UPS"United Parcel Service, Inc."ServicesAir Delivery & Freight Services2.84%

URBNUrban Outfitters Inc.ServicesApparel Stores

USBU.S. BancorpFinancialRegional - Midwest Banks2.49%

UTXUnited Technologies Corp.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery2.04%

V"Visa, Inc."FinancialCredit Services0.74%

VARVarian Medical Systems Inc.HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment

VFCV.F. CorporationConsumer GoodsTextile - Apparel Clothing1.77%

VIAB"Viacom, Inc."ServicesCATV Systems1.51%

VLOValero Energy CorporationBasic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & Marketing2.45%

VMCVulcan Materials CompanyIndustrial GoodsGeneral Building Materials0.08%

VNOVornado Realty TrustFinancialREIT - Diversified3.48%

VRSN"VeriSign, Inc."TechnologyApplication Software

VTR"Ventas, Inc."FinancialREIT - Healthcare Facilities4.28%

VZVerizon Communications Inc.TechnologyTelecom Services - Domestic4.21%

WAGWalgreen Co.ServicesDrug Stores2.50%

WATWaters Corp.TechnologyScientific & Technical Instruments

WDCWestern Digital Corp.TechnologyData Storage Devices1.46%

WECWisconsin Energy Corp.UtilitiesElectric Utilities3.63%

WFCWells Fargo & CompanyFinancialMoney Center Banks2.78%

WFM"Whole Foods Market, Inc."ServicesGrocery Stores0.73%

WHRWhirlpool Corp.Consumer GoodsAppliances1.89%

WINWindstream CorporationTechnologyTelecom Services - Domestic12.15%

WLPWellPoint Inc.HealthcareHealth Care Plans1.73%

WM"Waste Management, Inc."Industrial GoodsWaste Management3.39%

WMB"Williams Companies, Inc."Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Pipelines3.99%

WMTWal-Mart Stores Inc.ServicesDepartment Stores2.46%

WPOThe Washington Post CompanyServicesEducation & Training Services1.68%

WPX"WPX Energy, Inc."Basic MaterialsIndependent Oil & Gas

WUWestern Union Co.FinancialCredit Services2.71%

WYWeyerhaeuser Co.Industrial Goods"Lumber, Wood Production"2.88%

WYNWyndham Worldwide CorporationServicesLodging1.92%

WYNNWynn Resorts Ltd.ServicesResorts & Casinos2.85%

XUnited States Steel Corp.Basic MaterialsSteel & Iron1.05%

XELXcel Energy Inc.UtilitiesElectric Utilities3.89%

XLXL Group plcFinancialProperty & Casualty Insurance1.81%

XLNXXilinx Inc.TechnologySemiconductor - Integrated Circuits2.22%

XOMExxon Mobil CorporationBasic MaterialsMajor Integrated Oil & Gas2.83%

XRAYDENTSPLY International Inc.HealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies0.59%

XRXXerox Corp.TechnologyInformation Technology Services2.19%

XYLXylem Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified Machinery1.88%

YHOOYahoo! Inc.TechnologyInternet Information Providers

YUM"Yum! Brands, Inc."ServicesRestaurants1.83%

ZIONZions Bancorp.FinancialRegional - Pacific Banks0.55%

ZMH"Zimmer Holdings, Inc."HealthcareMedical Appliances & Equipment0.99%


Would you be interested in Professional Guidance and Direction? I have over 50 years of Asset-Management experience with excellent and consistent annual results?

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Dr. Steve

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