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Identifying TOP's And BOTTOM’S Of The General Market – Called Inflection Points

|Includes: AAP, D, GE, GOOG, QQQ, SO, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), T, XOM

Identifying TOP's and BOTTOM's of the General Market - Called Inflection Points

The following is my List of the Dow Jones Sectors and Industry Groups that I spend a great deal of time with, each and every day. Yes, as a Financial Analyst and Asset Manager this is part of what I do on behalf of my own financial affairs and those of my Clients.

My logo is: "Investing Wisely."

I have proven without doubt that it is an excellent method of Identifying the Strongest as well as the Weakest Sectors and Industry Groups and then Identifying the Strongest as well as the Weakest Component Companies with-in each. Each of the below Sectors * (are in bold and marked with an asterisk * - see my below list ) and Industry Groups as well as their Component Companies that are "In-between" the Strongest and the Weakest" are what I call "Also Rans." Investors do not seem to understand that in order to Profit, you have to Invest is the Strongest in Bullish Cycles or Invest in the Weakest in Bearish Cycles. In Bearish Cycles - - Cash - - is a wonderful and safe harbor. Think about that seriously, if you will.

I have developed a very profitable Methodology for doing what I call: "IDing."

IDing is simple a procedure or process of Separating the currently "Favorable" from the "Unfavorable" is how I go about making money, consistently in the Stock Market.

My Fundamental - Valuations focus, be it in a Bullish Cycle is to use the, then current, top 10 or so Industry Groups and for a Bearish the Weakest, then current, bottom 10 or so Industry Groups. There are always excellent and conservative Companies to choose from. It should be clear that using this Methodology also leads me to identify the best possible ETFs for the current General Market Condition. The "choices" I make are based on over 50 years of experience with an emphasis on the Risk / Reward Ratio and Probability of Profiting.

I hope you note my use of the work "current" or "currently." All these Sectors / Industry Groups and yes, Companies and ETFs - Cycle or Rotate into Favor, back out of Favor and back into Favor over time. It is critical that you know what is and is not "currently" Favorable. I Do!

My Technical Analysis is a bit Unique but very Accurate. The below Symbols work well with You will have to make modifications if you use or from Worden. For BarCharts you simple use the last two letters from the below Symbols but use ($DSxx) xx represents the last two letters from the below Symbols. For Worden you just drop the Dollar Sign ($) and use the six letters from the below Symbols. I hope you have fun checking this out with the use of Graphics and Charts. They definitely support my Fundamental work / analytics.


I simple want the lowest Risk Investments with the Highest Probability of Profit. You will find I am very good at this task. I think it is called: Getting the biggest Bang for my Investment Bucks?

Now if you are interested in reviewing my published series of all the following Sectors and Industry Group - Articles, published in July of this year in - you will have to do the following: In the box in the upper right of's - Home Page you will see the words: "Enter symbol, author, keyword." Type the exact name of the below Sector or Industry Group (as listed below) followed by my name - Steven Bauer. You will quickly see pictures of me as well as icons I use for most all articles. You will also see the exact words you typed. Just Click and you will be able to read my July 130+ Articles for each of the below Sectors and Industry Groups.

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I hope this Support will give you confidence that my Work / Analytics is both Unique and Very Profitable.

Let me know if I can answer any thoughts or questions.

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Symbol Sector * or Industry Group


Aerospace & Defense


Delivery Services


Asset Managers


Electronic Equipment




Medical Equipment


Automobiles & Parts






Auto Parts




Media Agencies


Broadcasting & Entertainment


Building Materials & Fixtures


Business Training & Employment Agencies




Basic Materials *


Basic Resources








Commodity Chemicals


Consumer Electronics


Clothing & Accessories


Travel & Leisure






Personal Products


Construction & Materials


Containers & Packaging


Computer Hardware


Specialized Consumer Services


Telecommunications Equipment


Specialty Chemicals


Consumer Services *






Food & Drug Retailers


Computer Services


Electrical Components & Equipment


Oil & Gas * (Energy)


Real Estate Services




Food & Beverage


Fixed Line Telecommunications


Industrial Machinery




Financial Services


Financials *


Food Producers


Food Products


Forestry & Paper




Financial Services Composite


General Industrials


General Retailers


Gas Distribution


Home Construction


Health Care *


Durable Household Products


Household Goods


Home Improvement Retailers


Nondurable Household Products


Health Care Providers


Commercial Vehicles & Trucks


Heavy Construction


Insurance Brokers


Diversified Industrials


Full Line Insurance


Industrial Goods & Services


Life Insurance


Industrial Metals


Industrials *


Property & Casualty Insurance


Industrial Engineering




Support Services


Industrial Transportation *




Business Support Services


Nonlife Insurance


Leisure Goods




Health Care Equipment & Services




Mortgage Finance


Medical Supplies


Marine Transportation


Consumer Goods *


Nonferrous Metals




Electronic Office Equipment


Oil & Gas Producers


Oil Equipment & Services


Integrated Oil & Gas


Exploration & Production




Waste & Disposal Services


Personal Goods




Gold Mining






Platinum & Precious Metals


Apparel Retailers


Broadline Retailers


Drug Retailers


Real Estate


Real Estate Investment Trusts


Recreational Products


Recreational Services




Specialty Retailers




Restaurants & Bars


Investment Services




Soft Drinks


Consumer Finance








Technology *










Utilities *


Conventional Electricity


Distillers & Vintners


Mobile Telecommunications



Smile, Have Fun "Investing Wisely,"

Dr. Steve