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FMC Technologies, Inc. (FTI) - - Forecast & Opinion

Sep. 02, 2013 12:27 PM ETFTI
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Long/Short Equity

Seeking Alpha Analyst Since 2007

My Biography: In 2001, I retired and now permanently reside in Mexico. After 5 years of managing my own affairs, I resumed my career in 2007 as a financial analyst / asset manager. My career began while in University as a – manual chartist for some wealthy Investors, who had a fancy math formula from Wharton School of Finance that required an advanced background in math – that was in 1957. I have kept those old books of Charts, and the basic formula still produces profits. I'm pleased to say that the formula / algorithm is now calculated by computer, but I still get to draw fancy lines. If you would like to have further information about my work / analytics or perhaps my Professional Services - - asset management, mentoring or consulting – services . . . just send me an Email, click here, ( senorstevedrmx@yahoo.com ) and I will respond promptly. Please understand that this offer is for serious investors. I expect you to share just a bit about yourself and your investment objectives - that is important to me. Furthermore, I never read or respond to the Seeking Alpha generated Messages or any Comments on my articles. Unfortunately, my experience has been very unsatisfactory. If you are seriously interested in learning more about what I do - - please Email me. senorstevedrmx@yahoo.com I write a bi-weekly personal blog you might like. click here. http://twitter.com/#!/Invest Rotation Education: I have several degrees, i.e. post graduate degrees and two doctorates. And a great deal of (too much) continued financial education. For seven years, I was a University Professor of Finance and Economics. No question, I learned more than I taught! Licenses: I had all that were needed / required and more. Designations: Over all those years, there were many initials after my name! Business Experience: I owned a privately held asset-management firm and managed individual investor and corporate accounts as a Registered Investment Advisor - for over 40 years. Published Articles: I have written and published over 400 papers / articles for both local and national circulation. Current Status: In late 2007 I came out of retirement and re-entered my writing financial commentaries in various financial blogs. I began a Weekly, Commentary / Update for the ex-patriot locals here in Mexico. In my first issue, October 2007 – I recommended - Holding 100% Cash and forecast that the Marketplace was at a Top that was meaningful. To date, within this Weekly – Commentary / Update I have accurately identified all Inflection Points, i.e. the 2009 February and subsequent Lows. The December and the recent April Highs were also forecasted and identified. I have resumed offering Asset Management and Consulting / Mentoring services as a Boutique Research Firm Financial Analyst. Email me if you might be interestes. click here. I am currently also Blogging with SafeHaven.com / Community.Nasdaq.com and of course here in SA. I also maintain a Private Blog, click here ( http://twitter.com/#!/InvestRotation ). For twelve years, I maintained an International Website - Called: "The MoneyDr." Something to Ponder for those of you that might choose to "Follow" - - or choose Not to "Follow": A little monolog to set myself apart from those who call themselves - "traders": Over all these, many years of managing assets, I have witnessed a large number of tragic situations as told to me by scores of Investors. It quickly became clear to me, early on in my career, that the financial industry is wrought with many divisive ways to separate you from your money. It takes advantage of words and emotion like: greed, fortune, comfortable retirement, etc. while at the same time restricting, if not preventing the you the Investor from understanding how to make money at a fair rate of return and to do so consistently. Over the recent years, "they" (Wall Street) has upped the requirements (complexity) for the average guy or gal to become a successful Investor. That's tragic! Perhaps the biggest lie and sales pitch and flow of miss-leading information is the “Buy and Hold” philosophy, "they" (Wall Street, Mutual Funds, the Media, and Financial Salespersons) continuously pro-pound. B & H has not been a path to successful investing and profits for several decades, and I am sure, never will! I have written many articles with the secondary title: “Why Most Investors and Nearly All Traders Lose Money." It hits hard, and the brokerage community has made life tough for me (retaliation wise) on many occasions over these years. My continuous debunking of their ways and personal goals to a lush financial lifestyle, using your money, is simple not on their agenda. The reality regarding Wall Street is that they want to make money off you, not With or For You! They are smarter (within their field) than the average Investor, in particularly by just knowing how things work, but never sharing the simple – How To - with YOU. I continue to believe that these truths and facts should be well understood by Investors, but unfortunately, and apparently it/they are not! For me, simple logic says that any professional is better trained, within their given field, then the lay or inexperienced person. Investors seeking only a fair and honest flow of profits as well as information and data are frequently disappointed. There is now a new and equally serious problem as is the Buy and Hold philosophy. It’s the Investor backlash to B & H, which is called Day Trading. DT is the new "" In "" answer, but once again people are not taking time to realize that "Investing" is much different than Day or Fast Trading. Since Day Trading began the statistics complied by Lipper Analytical Services and Yankelovich Partners clearly show that this too (Day Trading or Fast Trading) is a Big Loser for the average guy or gal. These two companies are highly regarded in the field of providing statistical information and data as well as offering excellent articles on and about the financial industry. See Google regarding these companies. "Investing Wisely" is kind of my handle and the methodology I have developed over the years is quite unique. I publish information about - how I go about making money, which is available upon request. I would like to ask you to ponder / think for a minute or so about the following question: Who and What is your current broker or financial advisor? Sure, many if not most have great credentials, and often a great deal of charisma, but it remains an undesirable fact that these people are simple “Salespersons." Is your medical Doctor or are your best friends – salespersons? In baseball talk, that’s (strike one through strike three all in a pitch - or did I mean sales-pitch?). You as an Investor have little choice or alternative but to deal with these highly motivated financial representatives. That's tragic. Understanding these facts and concepts is the first step to your positive financial future and peace of mine. Next on the list is finding an advisor / mentor, who will teach and share facts and truth with you, on a personalized basis, before you invest, not after you have lost a great deal of money. I'm sure that we all understand that the cyber world has been permanently injected into our lives and lifestyle. Financial Blogs abound with an over-flowing supply of information and opinions. Most of which is often incorrect and filled with very persuasive salesmanship! Therefore, I regret to say / agree that, it is clearly difficult to find such an experienced and trustworthy professional to mentor and assist in guiding you through a profitable process of "Investing Wisely." My advice is - keep digging until you find such a professional. Ask tough and direct questions to what appears to be an experienced and trustworthy advisor and, over time, see if his or her answers and communication have substance and give you a feeling that this professional honestly cares about YOU. Don't forget, the job description - it is to make money, and this is serious stuff. I think you will find that the time you give to the consideration and evaluation of my work / analytics will be very profitable for you. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio, I hope you can find the "right" professional "just for you" in all the important disciplines of life, and you can prosper financially with a smile. Steven H. Bauer, Ph.D.

FMC Technologies, Inc. (FTI) - - Forecast & Opinion

My logo is: "Investing Wisely."

Please Scroll Down to view my "Forecast & Opinion" for (FTI). Thanks . . .

This fine / quality Company is just one of the S&P - 500 (Large - Cap) Component Companies that is currently on my focus list for Comparative Analytics. After I do a "Reality Check" I can very accurately Forecast the short-term direction of any Company / ETF. This is how I seek Consistent Annual Profits by separating the currently "Favorable" from the "Un-Favorable Companies / ETFs. As you know, at different time frames, there is a Bullish / Bearing Cycling of Companies within the General Stock Market. My Analytics have (FTI) on both on my "Hold" and "Favorable" Asset-Management Lists. It has an Improving and Positive Fundamental Valuation, and fortunately, it Technically remains Strong.

My rationale is: It is a proven and very profitable task that I love. My Articles on Selectivity are worth your exploring. Just Click - - > https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/121308-steven-bauer/2066602-flash-update-be-selective-ii

- - -

Important: Please consider checking in on your favorites from the below URL List of all my S&P 500 Company articles. This can be easily done by typing in the Box at the upper-right of the Home Screen of SeekingAlpha.com. (where it says: Enter symbol, author, keyword) Type: Symbol Steven Bauer (that is: your chosen Symbol) and Click the Magnifying Glass - icon. I hope you do.

(These articles have begun here in mid- late August and will require me over one month to complete in batches of about 100 per week). Believe me the analytics is very time consuming.

You will quickly learn what I am all about as a Financial Analyst and Asset Manager. Consistent Profitability for myself and my Clients is why I spend so much time researching so many, many Companies - seeking only the ("Favorable") currently - to provide you with Profits! My Forecast have always been very accurate, and my Client Formal Recommendations are very Profitable, so please stay tuned.

This URL will help you better understand my work / analytic process: - Just Click - - >


- - -

S&P - 500 (Large - Cap) - - Indice: I have included all 500 Companies in my on going series of Articles.

You might want to check out my Personal Blog that I post simple articles in every day - Just Click - - > http://investingwisely-rotation.blogspot.mx/?spref=tw

General Market - My Unique Indicators

As for the General Market, I offer two very Unique Graphics / Charts with a weekly updated Narrative and Forecast. These Graphics / Charts have historically been extremely accurate as well as excellent lead Indicators. (please click on one and then the other: #1 - Inflection Point Count - and - #2 - Bull / Bear Ratio).

For the Record: I am currently Bearish on the General Market and am Holding-Cash. Yes, a Rally will first take place, but that is just part of the Bigger Picture and my Forecast.

As an old financial analyst / asset manager, I can easily determine if a Company or ETF is currently "Rotating" (or if you prefer the word "Cycling") into a "Favorable" condition for Buying - - or - - an "Un-Favorable condition for Selling or Shorting. You might check out my Article - - > "Rotation."

When you have a large universe of nearly all the conservative / quality Companies and ETFs on the planet, as I do, it is often remarkable to Investors when I say: "There are always many Excellent Companies / ETFs that are both "Easy Calls" - and - 'Favorable' at or around a Bullish Inflection Point. The reciprocal or opposite is true for Bearish Inflection Points.

When making Formal Recommendations, I am simply looking for a very high Probability for Profit. My threshold for a profitable selection of a Company / ETF to Buy or Short is at least 20% or more. Then and only then - is when I Formally Recommend a security to Buy or Short to my Clients or Prospective Clients.

Here are two quick URLs that you may want to read - as part of - how I go about profitable managing securities.

Buying: https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/121308-steven-bauer/1956812-buy-here-is-how-it-works-to-profit-consistently

Selling: https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/121308-steven-bauer/1956812-buy-here-is-how-it-works-to-profit-consistently

My Reality Check for: FMC Technologies, Inc. -- (FTI)

I Do a "Reality Check" on Every Company / ETF.

So what is it? Click and find out! - - > https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/121308-steven-bauer/2068652-reality-check

The Company has fundamentally been on Good times, which is reflected in its current selling price. It is selling on or near a high / low of $XX.

So, where is it going (price wise) from here?

Answer: It is Topping, but don't get nervous quite yet. It is Currently Not Clear. or / It is coming Down / going Up in the coming Weeks. (Feel free to let me know if you are interested in my Guidance and Direction on this or perhaps another security).

Fundamentals: (My "Old-Fashioned Valuations Methods" (which demand comparative Excellence) must first be - in Place before Taking Positions). My projected Earnings Growth "Valuations" for (FTI) is clearly ASCENDING. Stay with me - Fundamental Valuations are very important if you want consistent Profits.

Until more recently the current Price / Earnings Ratio (P/E) and Price of (FTI) has kept up with many other stronger S&P Companies, and that is not currently good enough to become a confident Buyer.

Technicals: (My "Unique and Time-Tested Technical Indicators" (which also demand comparative Excellence) and also must first be - in Place before Taking Positions). My current Technical "Indicators" for (FTI) are all pointing to Short-Term (one - three months) - TOPPING. Buying is definitely not the prudent thing to do at this time and price.

I can help you with maximizing your profits - just ask. Any Company or ETF - Your Choice - and I will respond!

Forecast and Opinion

Forecast: My (most current) Focus suggests that the price is TOPPING in the Short-Term (one - three months). It - (FTI) is on an Initial - Bearish "Warning" and on my List to HOLD for now?

Opinion: HOLD. If you own FMC Technologies, Inc. - be prepared to take Profits or Losses (in other words - go to Cash - Hold-Cash) after the next Rally. (Cash in your money-market account may bother you because of the low interest, but remember, you are more "bothered" when you lose money due to poor judgment on your part or from poor or misleading advice!)

Note: Please seek weekly (or more frequent) Guidance from a seasoned professional (minimum - 30 years or more of asset-management experience!). Remember - MOST "professionals" will advise holding or even buying. Do they EVER recommend selling or offer a Bearish "Warning" such as the above? And, Holding-Cash is considered a SIN!

- - -

Want more detail? Please read my Bio here in SA and spend some time in the following URL about my Work / Profitability / Analytics and - - then, if you wish - - Send me an Email with your thoughts or questions. I will respond personally and promptly. Just Click - - >


Thanks so very much for your time and following.

Email Address:


Smile, Have Fund "Investing Wisely,"

Dr. Steve

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