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Global (Country) Markets - Ex U.S. - - Supporting Analytics For My Global (Country) Market Articles

|Includes: QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Global (Country) Markets - Ex U.S. - - Supporting Analytics for My Global (Country) Market Articles

My logo is: "Investing Wisely."

My Table below lists my Global (Country) Markets for an on going perspective of World Economies, Finance and Stock Markets.

In this Table, I share my Forecast and Opinions - - Updated at least Weekly. There are about 30+ Countries or Area Indices represented. (see table below - scroll down).

My on going Analytics (research) with Global Markets is the same as for any U.S. Indice / Sector / Industry Group / Commodity / ETF or Company. That is to identify the current most Favorable investment securities, in Bullish Time Frames as well as the current most Un-Favorable investment securities, in Bearish Time Frames for conservative and low-risk ownership.

During periods of uncertainty, that is in between (Favorable / Unfavorable), I Formally Recommend to my Clients to HOLD-CASH. Cash is a wise choice that many Investors seem to ignore when trying to "Invest Wisely." Holding Cash during these "uncertain time frames clearly improves my annual performance by at least ten percent, each and every year.

Global Markets is just one of the many Analytic (research) Categories that I maintain very detailed Asset Management Notes and Lists including, Forecasts and Opinions and for my Formal Recommendations to my Clients. Again, this is just part of my work in order to stay ahead of doing my job well - - "Investing Wisely."

Clearly, this means that in Bullish Cycles I am going to focus on and primarily work with (investments in) the most Favorable securities. Conversely, in Bearish Cycles I am going to focus on and primarily work (investments in) with the most Un-Favorable securities.

Typically this Favorable / Un-Favorable research procedure can easily be separated into the Top 10% and the Bottom 10%. I always stretch this by just a bit so I can provide proper Asset Allocation for my Clients. For example: my Universe of quality Companies is well over 2,000 Companies. That means I have and maintain Asset Management Lists, for Buying in Bullish Cycles over 200 Candidates on my Favorable - Buy List and the same on my Un-Favorable - Short-Sell List. I seldom Buy (make Formal Buy or Short-Sell Recommendations) for more than 20 different securities in order to meet my Client's - Asset Allocation Model.

That means, I am "cherry picking" from what I believe are the most conservative, lowest risk Companies that have the highest probability and price appreciation projections from a wide and very lucrative source. (please re-read this last sentence a second or third time). With regard to Bearish Cycles in the Stock Market the above "example" works the same only with an opposite perspective.

Each Country, around the world, listed below in my Table has a number of quality component Companies that are often listed on the U.S. Exchanges such as the New York and the Nasdaq. There are also, most often, ETFs for each Country.

I realize there are more Global "Indexes" and welcome your suggestions. My Methodology for Analytics is applicable to any Index / Indice / Sector / Industry Group / Commodity / Company or ETF. I hope you will offer your suggestions and I will in return offer you my direct and personal opinions of your input.

To Keep-Up with my Most Favorable (Currently) and Most Un-Favorable (Currently) - Please Consider Becoming Familiar with my Personal Blog.


My Universe of Global Markets - Countries with Symbol and Forecast / Current Opinion


Name of Country & Exchange

Forecast / Opinion



Argentina - MerVal Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Asia/Pacific - Ex Japan Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Australia - ASX All Ords Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Brussels - Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Brazilian - Bovespa Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Canada - Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



China - FTSE/Xinhua 50 Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Emerging Markets - Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .




Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .


Europe - Index



European - S&P 100 Index



European - Top 100




France - Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .


French - CAC 40 Index




German - DAX Composite

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Global Market - Index (Nasdaq)

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Great Britain - London Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Hong Kong - Hang Seng Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



India - Bombay 30 Sensex Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Italy - Stock Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Japan - Tokyo Nikkei 300 Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . . ( w/ Emphasis )


Japan - Tokyo Nikkei Average




Latin American - Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Mexican - Bolsa IPC Stock Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .


Mexico - Stock Index




Netherlands - Amsterdam Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Philippines - PSE Composite Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Russian - (RTS) Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Shanghai - Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .


Shanghai - Composite Index




Singapore - Straits Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



South Korea - Seoul Composite

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .



Spain - Bolsa IBEX 35 Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .


Spain - Stock Index




Sweden - Stock Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Swiss - Market Index

Initial Bearish "Warning" / HOLD for now . . .



Taiwan - Weighted Index

Strong Bearish "Warning" / HOLD-CASH . . .


Notes for Table:

The Symbol and Country Name / Exchange Description is simple what Global Indices I use to keep my Analytics and Perspective both current and accurate. (Symbols are those necessary to use

My Forecast and Opinion: For Public Publication I have four ( 4 ) designations. Each are Dynamic, meaning they are in transition and often illusive to the Public Investor.


In my Analytics - - I note if - "they" are:

a) Going-Up perhaps further -Strong Bullish "Alert"

b) Anticipating their Going-Up after "Bottoming" more - Initial Bullish "Alert"

c) Coming-Down perhaps further - Strong Bearish "Warning"

d) Anticipating their after Coming-Down after "Topping" more - Initial Bearish "Warning."

* Initial Bullish "Alert" : This Opinion tells you that at this time, I am sufficiently convinced that the security will become a Buy or a Cover at some reasonable (in weeks) future date.

* Strong Bullish "Alert" : This Opinion tells you that at this time, I either own - or - would consider owning this security, if at a future date it met my very stringent "Confirmation" criterion.

* Initial Bearish "Warning" : This Opinion tells you that at this time, I am sufficiently convinced that the security will become a Sell or a Short at some reasonable (in weeks) future date.

* Strong Bearish "Warning" : This Opinion tells you that at this time, I either HOLD-CASH - or - would consider shorting this security, if at a future date it met my very stringent "Confirmation" criterion.


** HOLD : My Opinion is most often to Hold the security for Now. That means I believe that you will benefit for at least the Near-Term (1 - 20 trading days or more). It definitely does not mean I would relax, especially if my Forecast is Bearish.

** HOLD-CASH : I typically Hold-Cash after terminating a security from my or my Client's Portfolio. I strongly suggest that Holding-Cash is one of the most prudent strategies of "Investing Wisely." Remember CASH gives you Buying-Power for the next Bullish or Bearish Inflection Point or Cycle.

What is my "Confirmation" Procedure and Why does it Work?

It is a very precise way to do what I call a "Reality Check" during the time frames that I am Holding-Cash and just prior to Buying / Selling - or - Shorting / Covering. It is a Procedure that I have developed for running a multi-point check of many Fundamentals and Technicals that have consistently provided Profits for over 50 years.

- - -

At this point, my Methodology of "Investing Wisely" gets much more complex. Working with any of the above four Opinions a very clear and precise Forecast is then developed and noted on my Asset Management Lists. I have just two Lists one for Bull Market Buying and one for Bear Market Shorting.

From my Forecast I can - - for any given security - - I project the probability of profit as well as an accurate percent profit projection - for each security. That is a big file of notes for possible future investments.

In order to make a Formal Recommendation of a specific security to my Clients I must have a "probability of profit" of over 90% and a "percent profit projection" of over 20%.

This criterion produces consistent and meaningful annual profits. Clearly, those "files" are whittled down to a Select and well honed group of Candidates for Buying (C4Bs) and Candidates for Shorting (C4Ss). It requires a great deal of "Know How" / Time / both Discipline and Patience. (Do you have those investing ingredients going for you?)

At Bullish or Bearish Inflection Points there are always an ample number of securities that meet the above criterion. Yes, my old lists have become worthless because the Companies and ETFs - - Rotate or Cycle in an out of Favor - over time. That is why I work daily on my Asset Management Lists for future Buying and Shorting.

My Buy List or my Shorting List may or may not come from the above Global (Country) Market Indexes. And, you should know that I primarily focus on the U.S. Market because there is typically much more "raw material" to work with.

Concluding Note: More information and data available upon Email request. Please ask specific questions so I can meet you need for understanding my Methodology for "Investing Wisely."

Forecasts for Consistent Annual Profits

For me and for over 50 years of managing other people's money - It all begins with Accurate Forecasting and Analytic Procedures. Then it requires Well Honed Fundamental - Valuations, Technical (Unique) Analysis and Consensus Opinion Conformations. It ends with three things: a) Bullish or Bearish or Hold-Cash Recommendations; b) a indisputable and clear Hold / Exit Strategy; c) Profitable Results. ( F / C = PR ).

Forecasting the Market, then the Sectors, then the Industry Groups, then the Companies and then perhaps the ETFs in critical to the above and consistently enjoying an annual, very profitable bottom line.

Forecasting is the essential first step of logging those Bullish and Favorable securities as well as those Bearish and Un-Favorable securities. The securities in-between Favorable and Un-Favorable will perhaps surface in a future time frame.

At Bullish Inflection Points (the beginning or continuance of a Bullish Cycle) - or - at Bearish Inflection Points ( the beginning or countenance of a Bearish Cycle) my Forecasting is always in place. Yes, I definitely "Cherry Pick."

Think about my so emphatically sharing the importance of Forecasting - Won't You?

Let's Focus on Investing in ETFs - Applicable for Some of these Global Markets

ETFs are a strange breed and an Investment security that you should understand very well before you invest your money. Some purportedly track or are in Sync with their Indice, Sector or Industry Group they are supposed to represent. Many do that job very well, but many do not! (Just a few words of Caution).

ETFs are similar to Mutual Funds in that they are managed by Securities Firms. My personal opinion is that - the skill, and expertise of the Asset Manager(s) is very often questionable, again from my perspective. Remember, they often diversify WAY beyond being reasonable boundaries because of three primary reasons. i) They often have WAY too much money to manage and cannot solely focus on the top tier or 10% of those Companies that are current "Favorable." This greatly mitigates their performance. ii) They totally impersonal and have no clue as to your investment/financial needs, goals and objectives. They just do their best and that is not good enough for me. iii) They NEVER take their portfolios to CASH. That is just plain Stupid!

Some ETFs are supposed to be one-on-one and others are leveraged. That too is a consideration before investing your money.

Suffice it to say: When Investing in ETFs" like any other security, Be Ware / Be Prepared / Be Patient and Disciplined with your Investment Decisions!

- - -

Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

Dr. Steve