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So - What Did The Market - Tell Me This Past Week ?

|Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

So - What Did the Market - Tell Me this Past Week ?

What I Believe You Should Know that You Likely Don't Know - About - HOW TO BE Consistently PROFITABLE - - (in a) - - Bull or Bear Market

My logo is: "Investing Wisely."

The Market is "Teaching" and "Telling its Story" to anyone in the world that will simple listen, each and every week. You need a trained ear, experience and the ability to be a very good and careful "LISTENER."

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With this, you will be rewarded with Consistent and Meaningful Annual Profits.

I'm talking 15% to 20% and more than you are likely expecting each time you invest in one of my "Groupings" of securities - in ( Bull and Bear Markets ) net after expenses! Minimum! There are always several "Groupings" of recommendations I make to my Clients each year. Try It, you will indeed be "rewarded."

Note: You might want to review a couple articles that I published defining my Performance. Why some Companies Under-Perform and others Over-Perform at different time frames of the year is something I have mastered. The average was 20% for this published "Grouping" and I know how to Identify the Over-Performers and weed out the Under-Performers. Try me! These Two URL will convince you that there is a way to measure the Risk and Reward prior to Investing your Money.

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It is sad for me to share that my frequent Emails from Investors and even Clients has made quite clear, over the years, that they are Not Listening and therefore not nearly as Profitable Investor as they could or should be.

Here is my "PUNCH List" - - for - - Investors Who TRULY" Want to be Consistently Profitable - - Well Above the Mutual Funds and Average Investor Expectations

* They - Don't take time to "Listen" to what the Market is telling them anymore.

* They - Don't have the time to "Keep-Up" and still believe they can compete with the professionals. That is almost funny! (Play a round of Golf with Tiger - if you do not get my point).

* They - Are Not sufficiently knowledgeable or experienced in Stock Market Investing to know they are being screwed by Wall Street each and every day. Almost all 95 million U.S. Investors are too much in a hurry to "Listen" anymore! They deny what is happening to them by the "Bad Guys" in and around Wall Street.

* Mutual Funds have become the proverbial "Dinosaurs" of "Investing (your money) Wisely." The Rewards (over the past decade or more) are Very Slim and the Risks are Very Fat. Investors don't seem to understand that they are being used as Ponds in a Chess Game that is Very Costly to them!

* They - Do Not have the Patience or Discipline to profit. The world has become too "NOW" for them. And, the Stock Market has become a place for the Wealthy to prey on the Not-So-Wealthy. The middle class built America and the middle class is paying for that honor very harshly.

* To "SLOW DOWN" and become "Serious Investors" is simple not possible (Psychologically) - anymore.

* Narcissism has become an Over-Whelming mind-set. My own brother (an Orthopedic Surgeon) often said: "I am smarter than any of those guys and gals in Wall Street.

* In many cases - (Un-Believably to me) - They (Investors) Don't Seem to "CARE" enough to protect themselves against the predators.

This Week Confirmed the Above by Telling Me - - - As It Always Does:

* Forecasting For This Coming Week: "News" often distorts the Trends, My Forecasts and Causes Delays. Those "Delays" are part of the Big Picture of "Investing Wisely" in the Stock Market. Solution: Patience and Discipline - and - perhaps some professional Guidance.

Please read my Article on "News." Just Click:

* U.S. General Market: A meaningful General Market TOP continues to in the Making. - - - You had better believe me and go to work on your mind-set to be in CASH -- in the not so distant time frame. Many stocks are getting beat-up while Wall Street continues to pump-up the top-tier with their limit-less supply of money. That's YOUR MONEY - - not - - THEIR MONEY! In other words you are getting screwed by the very Mutual Funds that you are lead to believe in and trust. WRONG!

This Past Week was once again - proof positive. The "irrational exuberance" of the past several weeks is going to continue despite the negative "NEWS" that exists and will continue to follow. That means that Many Investors will follow the "NEWS" as concocted by both Washington, the Fed and Wall Street. The U.S. "leadership" is willing to continue to spend YOUR MONEY to get out of DEBT and try to stimulate the ever-growing Economic crisis. If spending helps to get out of debt then the world is in deep pucky.

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Tune-In to My "Stuff" -- to my - Articles. (if you will follow for a short time you will see my Opinions and Forecasts are Very Accurate and thus Very Profitable).

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Have a look at a few Articles and understand that I want to help you "Invest Wisely." With over 1,700 articles covering many, many Companies you will not be disappointed.

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Guidance and Direction for all Investors - Especially the Senior and Retired Folks - Who are Getting the Short End of the Advice they Deserve

* The Market has remained strong but is breaking-down - internally - and that is and has been costly. There are TWO Markets running simultaneously - - the Indices such as the Dow 30, the Nasdaq, the S&P 500, etc.. The Indices are the ones that you hear about from the Media and other sources. And, there is the one that you never hear about - - the Internal Market. The Internal Market often referred to as the Breadth Market has been costly to say the least. Examples would be, Gold, Precious Metals, Metals, and of course the Darling of Wall Street - Apple, Inc. And check out the Non-Blue Chip Mutual Funds - - they are a mess.

* If you read what Companies are declining (often a hard to find source of information and data) as opposed to those Companies that are "hitting new highs" you will quickly get the picture I am presenting herein. Company is getting hit with daily notable losses and falling into a down-trend and nobody seems to understand until it happens to them. Even Then - Often - They Don't Seem to Get the Message!

* The Bloggers are WAY TOO BULLISH! The Financial Media are WAY TOO BULLISH! Many of those you are reading and listening to - - - do not have Bear Market Experience for the most part. It takes a couple Bear Markets to wipe out the Cocky, in a persons (in-particularly a financial analyst or asset manager) behavior. I learned this some 50 years ago the hard way. With a couple doctorates, I was ready to own the world. Things are not all that shabby, after learning this lesson.

* DON'T BUY - - if you are an Investor. "Traders" are DEFINITELY NOT Investors.

Each Week I Update and provide more for you to Ponder.

* SELL - - into this current rally. I will help if you ask.

If I can help with Guidance and Direction, please feel free to ask via my Email.

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Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

Dr. Steve