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Sectors For U.S. Stock Market – Update And Forecast - - December 12th.

|Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Sectors for U.S. Stock Market - Update and Forecast - - December 12th.

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The below graphic is simple and what you must understand - - IF - - You want to consistently be a profitable Investor.

Updating and Forecasting the General Market, Sectors, Industry Groups and ETFs is foundational to your profit picture and requires almost 24 / 7 attention. Sectors are fun to share but my Industry Group Analytics is much more exacting. Knowing what Industry Groups are ready to advance and which ones are preparing to decline is rather easy. That is because my Methodology of "Investing Wisely" offers excellent and advanced notice / Alerts for Buying and notice / Warnings for Selling. I regret that, with well over 200 Industry Groups, to attempt to keep you updated properly is a full-time task and not possible. I will however, from time to time feature an Industry Group that currently tends to support a Sector, either Bullish or Bearish.

Please have a look at my recent article on Biotechnology published in Doug Shorts very fine financial Blog. You can navigate to other Industry Group articles if you wish.

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My weighting for all my Analytics is more heavily focused on the Economics and Fundamentals. I use Technical Analysis to confirm and support this foundational research. My third and also important component for Research / Analytics is Consensus Opinion. ( Weightings: Fundamental - - 40% / Technical - - 35% / Consensus Opinion - - 25% )

As you follow my work / analytics you will quickly note that, I monitor many Groupings of Industry Groups within my Sector analytics. Typically, I am only interested in the Currently Most Favorable and the Currently Least Favorable of those Groupings. For me, it is dwelling on the Best of the Best and the Worst of the Worst. Investing or Buying within the top 10% provides: a) by far the best possible Risk vs. Reward Ratio for Conservative Asset Management, b) the Highest Profit Potential and c) a great measure of Piece of Mind. The opposite is true when I am focusing on Selling or Short-Selling.

My Analytics of all these Sectors provides an excellent perspective as to making the all important "When" / "What" / "Why" - - Investment Decisions at both Bullish and Bearish Inflection Points and during Bullish and Bearish Cycles in the Marketplace.

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My overall Forecast, Opinions and Performance - - are in a Supplementary Article with a complete Table of 10 Select Sectors and further Supportive Information. Please use this URL:

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If you are not plugged in to my Personal Blog - - may I suggest you are missing some very accurate - nearly daily - Direction and Guidance.

Forecasting, and the procedures I use, is my secret on how to profit consistently in the Stock Market. Over all these years, 50+ of them, I have developed excellent skills at Forecasting and offer the Pubic an insight on how I go about "profiting in the Stock Market" for my Clients.

Important / Briefly said: Forecasting leads me to the Best of the Best when I anticipate Buying into a Bullish Inflection Point / Bullish Cycle and just the opposite, the Worst of the Worst for when I anticipate Bearish Cycles. In addition it is unique to most all other forms of Analytics because it is the only Methodology that I have found that Accurately provides not only the Best of the Best and the Worst of the Worse - - but - - it provide the very important Advanced - Heads-Up and Lead time to do my homework well and do the "Cherry Picking" the provides Superior Results in the form of Profits. Please read this paragraph again and you will be on your way to "Investing Wisely."

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During the week, I frequently Update my Various (On Going) Forecasts and Opinions. They include: U.S. General Market / Global Markets (31 of them) / Sectors / Industry Groups / Commodities (i.e. Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil) but rarely individual Companies / ETFs. The latter are exclusively for my Clients and Prospective Clients. Upon Entering my Blog - - - You will need to Scroll Down - just a bit to my - dated - Daily Postings.

An excellent way to get acquainted with my Work / Analytics is to review the daily flow of articles - Bi-Monthly Updates of the following Companies and ETFs.


I hope you will find my work / analytics to be both very accurate and profitable as well as well worth following.

Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

Dr. Steve