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|Includes:, Inc. (AMZN), BKNG, EBAY, GRPN, IAC, MCOX, MELI, NFLX, OSTK, OWW, PETS, Inc. - Performing as it was Forecast and Should Be

Amazon is, as expected and Forecast reaching new highs in each previous market rally. This is WHY Fundamentals supported by sound Technical Analysis - ALWAYS produces superior profits. Finding these gems is not all that hard. Taking profits at or near high is nearly impossible for most investors.

It's fundamentals tell me that it should continue to do well until there is a major break in the general market. Yes, it is over-priced but it has been for many months. See my Technical notes below.

My previously written articles on AMZN (just click) provide you the history of my forecasting, its accuracy and support for my performance. For over 50 years my management objective is to identify changing trends for my forecasting analytics. I simple want to have current notes to quickly refer to on the anticipated direction of this company and its industry peers.

My Performance (my 5-Year Table) for, Inc. is available by clicking: (NASDAQ:AMZN) An annualized profit 109% over the past few years Ain't Bad! I treat Amazon just like any other Company, and my performance is an excellent credential that I will not hesitate to move my Clients to Cash when my Forecast dictates.

Forecast w/ 5 YearPerformance, Inc. and other Retail - Internet Sector Companies are tracking well. Although (AMZN) is in a strong Rally it is always an excellent contributor to my Analytics. My Forecasts have been "on the button" even with the 20+% Pull-Back of late 2011. Re-Buying after that was easy.

Note: The below Table is for your review, questions and perhaps thoughts. If you are seeking to "Invest Wisely" in my "Growth and (sometimes) Aggressive Growth - Asset Allocation Model" - - please Email me to open a dialog on how I go about providing super performance with a very low threshold of Risk.

My Current Forecast is even more bright as you may think - the only thing that can stop it is a General Market that turns Bearish!

If you own or are considering owning Internet Commerce Companies, the securities require "Selectivity" (see below)., Inc. is currently strong Technically but I have reservations about my Fundamental Valuations, therefore I have placed it on an Initial (very light - but increasing) Bearish Forecast - "Warning." This is because I am a very cautious Asset Manager.

My Current Opinion is Hold with (modest) Caution !

Fundamentally - ( weighting - - 40% ), my Valuations remains very strong but are producing some declining projections. Even with greatly superior earnings when a decline begins the price of the Company most often follows.

Technically - ( weighting - - 35% ), my Indicators have most recently started to break down. (AMZN) is falling off its recent highs of $403. Two weeks ago I said: "The current three week pull-back is going to do two things: a) be stronger than investors would like and b) tell us if the Top has been made." It is selling at $349 more than ten percent off its highs!

Consensus Opinion - ( weighting - - 25% ): My third pillar of Research is one that is ALWAYS distorted to the Positive by most all financial analysts. That's because they are afraid of being Bearish. I Am NOT! My articles on "Reality" are supportive of the below 20 year Chart.

I will personally and promptly reply to any serious investor's inquiry as to my very cautious position for (AMZN) !

A Twenty Year Perspective of, Inc. (AMZN)

It has NOT always been like you are being told by so many who do not take the time to do their homework and "Invest Wisely.", Inc. (AMZN), like most all other quality Companies, has taken some big hits over the years.

URL for (20-years of) (AMZN):


"Selectivity" is what I preach (along with Discipline and Patience) and is what separates the Average Investor and Mutual Funds from the profits that come with long-hours / hard work and "Selectivity."

Here are a number of the Component Companies / Peers in the Internet - Commerce Industry Group that I focus on: (AMZN), (NASDAQ:GRPN), (NASDAQ:EBAY), (NASDAQ:NFLX), (NYSE:OWW), (IACI), (PCLN), (NASDAQ:MELI), (NASDAQ:MCOX), (NASDAQ:PETS), (NASDAQ:OSTK).

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