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Natural Gas – Smelly Stuff With No Perfume From Profit In The Air

Natural Gas - Smelly Stuff with No Perfume from Profit in the Air

Natural Gas - - iPath - ETF continues to be Bearish and remains in a descending mode. It is on a Hold-Cash, and my fundamental and technical indicators are still breaking down.

My previously written articles on GAZ (just click) provide you the history of my forecasting, its accuracy and support for my performance. For over 50 years my management objective is to identify changing trends for my forecasting analytics. I simple want to have current notes to quickly refer to on the anticipated direction of this company and its industry peers.

My Performance my 6-Year performance for Natural Gas is unique to say the lease. Holding Cash for six years while the price dropped for $78. to $3.00 should be very compelling to wise investors.

My management objective is to identify changing trends for my forecasting analytics. Simple stated, I want to have current notes to quickly refer to on the anticipated direction of this sector and industry group.

A Special Note for Seniors & Retired Investors

My Mission is to provide guidance and direction for conservatively providing consistent annual and superior profitable results for each Formal Recommendation I make to my Clients.

Forecast w/ 6 Year Performance

Natural Gas - - iPath - ETF and other Energy - Oil / Gas Sector Companies and ETFs are NOT tracking well. If I may suggest, Holding-Cash is often much better than Holding !

Note: The below Table is for your review, questions and perhaps thoughts. If you would like to "Invest Wisely" in my "Growth Asset Allocation Model," please email me to open a dialog on how I go about providing superior performance with a very low threshold of risk.

My Current Forecast is not as bright as you are perhaps being advised! (I will be more specific upon your email request).

If you own or are considering owning Natural Gas ETFs or companies, the securities are becoming a mixed, not a very positive bag. Natural Gas - - iPath - ETF is currently very weak technically, and I have reservations about my fundamental valuation for the majority of the component companies. It is on my Strong Bearish Forecast - "Warning."

That means: I am continuing to HOLD-CASH - for iPath - Natural Gas - ETF. Profits were taken as indicated below. For Guidance and Direction of your portfolio(s) - - - I do respond to prospective Client's - Questions and Thoughts.

My Current Opinion is to Hold-Cash in anticipation of taking profits. This may be at even higher prices, but there will be an end and time to sell, but that is not currently in my forecast. That is a balancing of my below three (weighted) pillars of research.

Fundamentally - ( weighting - - 40% ): My Analytics for my fundamental valuation play a vital role in profitable managing money. Earnings continue to be relatively strong.

Technically - ( weighting - - 35%): Within this outstanding company, my indicators remain weak. It is likely to flirt with its lows of $2, is selling for $3.

Consensus Opinion - ( weighting - - 25% ): My third pillar of research is one that is always distorted to the positive by most all financial analysts. That's because they are afraid of being bearish. I am not! My articles on "Reality" are supportive of the below 20 year Chart.

I will personally and promptly reply to any serious investor's inquiry as to my very cautious position for GAZ !

A Twenty Year Perspective of Natural Gas - - iPath - ETF

Natural Gas - - iPath - ETF has taken a big hits over the years!

URL for (20-years of - (NYSEARCA:GAZ):

"Selectivity" is what I preach (along with discipline and patience) and is what separates the average investor and mutual funds from the profits that come with long-hours / hard work and "selectivity."

Here are a number of the Component Companies / Peers in the Natural Gas Industry Group that I focus on rather frequently if you wish to follow me: (GAZ), (NYSE:XOM), (NYSE:CVX), (NYSE:BP), (NYSE:RDS.A), (NYSE:STO), (NYSE:TOT), (NYSE:YPF), (NYSE:E), (NYSE:BAK), (NYSE:SSL), (NYSE:PTR), (NYSE:PZE), (NYSE:APC), (NYSE:DVN), (NYSE:ECA), (NYSE:CHK), (NYSE:WMB). And, more . . .

If you are seeking guidance or direction, please feel free to email me. My personal blog or site is: Investing Wisely.

Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

Dr. Steve