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Friday's - Performance Review – March 21st.

|Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Friday's - Performance Review - March 21st.

My specialty is and has been for over 50 years to avoid and eliminate downdrafts in your portfolio. Bear Markets can be the most serious problem for an Investor over the decades. I have handled every one very, very well for a very long time.

Although I have tried many times, I have found there is no practical way for me to explain my methodology of "Investing Wisely" other than what I publish and those URLs referring to my performance are often embedded in my articles.

On Monday's I publish my performance record for the past five years for each of my Asset Allocation Models. They range from: Income - to - Income & Growth - to - Growth - to - Aggressive Growth. Please have a look at my personal blog and do some scrolling down and you will find much support for my abilities to manage your accounts and meet your stated objectives. Personal Blog:

The following are my most recent Articles supporting my performance for the above four Asset Allocation Models.


Income & Growth:


Aggressive Growth:

You will note I refer to my long-term record, the my total focus is on bear markets and how I have handled each of them since 1957. Here is that URL: My Long-Term Performance Record back to 1957

My entry and exit points (Formal Recommendations) are all communicated by Email to my Clients. I prefer this method because it enables my Clients to learn by participating with each transaction on the buy as well as the sell side. I do accept discretionary accounts which means I place my formal recommendations directly with the Clients Broker.

By reading my flow of articles, I hope you will soon be comfortable with this system and it will enable you to easily keep track of my Formal Recommendations. My work is very precise and I review each holding several times per day. I say this because I do not believe in nor do I use stop-losses. I will offer you additional reasons for avoiding using stop losses, but primarily, I have a much better "control of loss" - system than relying on stop-loss orders. A ten percent loss is rare for my work / analytics. The few times this has happened it occurred because of unforeseen "News" that took the price lower. The securities I use are not the kind that this "News" problem occurs over the years.

I fully realize that what I am offering you with regard to performance is going to generate questions. Please reference your questions so I will know as specifically as possible how to provide you with a substantive answer.

I also want to stress the importance of our getting acquainted personally. . .

Yes, my years support very well your initial questions and I hope you will soon be comfortable working with me.

I invite you to Email me at: and I will respond promptly.

Dr. Steve