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Chances Are Profiting From - Your High Dividend Paying Companies – Are Slim & Nun And The - “ODDS” - ARE CURRENTLY NOT In Your Favor? Few Investors Are As Profitable As They Deserve To Be - # 15

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), BX, DIA, GE, GOOG, QQQ, SPY

Chances Are Profiting from - Your High Dividend Paying Companies - Are Slim & Nun and the - "ODDS" - ARE CURRENTLY NOT in Your Favor? Few Investors are as Profitable As They Deserve to Be - # 15

This one is for Colin's review,

My logo for Over 50 Years is: "Investing Wisely."

This Article is focused for: Senor & Retired Investors who are Conservative and are seeking - Steady Monthly Income with modest Growth to offset Inflation . . .

Risk can be managed quite easily when you have the tools and experience. Sleeping Well at Night is a MUST and I DO!

This Company fits the above description but that may not be for long . "That means it is currently going the "Right Way" but is also baring too much risk to Buy at this time. There are always fresh Companies that are Forecast to go the "Right Way." It is Your Choice!

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Investors and many / most Financial Analysts often get "Way Too Greedy" in their expectations about the direction of both the General Market and of specific Companies and ETFs they are touting. I also read those article that I believe I am well credentials to say - - " they are frequently offering very poor guidance and direction."

It All Has to Do With Conservative Analytics and the "ODDS"

For both - Myself and my Clients - - there are always just three answers: a) Patience and Discipline will be rewarded. Profitable opportunities are always available if you use my P & D. b) Yes, this is a fine Company but it is much too ripe - or - already Un-Favorable to Hold or Buy and likely is getting rotten, and c) Just remember a fresh crop is coming soon and it will be more rewarding to wait and Buy at that time.

Current Opinion: Take Profits at the next peak or soon thereafter and Hold-Cash for the fresh crop. This Company is paying a 4.3+% dividend per year. In less than a couple mouths it's price has dropped by more than the dividend. That is definitely NOT - "Investing Wisely."

Forecast: Likely Coming Down in the Short (one - three months) to Intermediate (three - nine months) -Term. Maybe more . . .

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley

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(NYSE:BX) - - As for Apple, Google, GE and the 40+ other Companies I write article on every day, please check my Current Opinion and Forecast. They too are very accurate.

Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely."

Dr. Steve