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Dogs Of The Dow Plus Their Selected Pals

|Includes: Alcoa Corporation (AA), AAPL, BAC, C, CMCSA, CSCO, F, GOOG, INTC, MSFT

Dogs of the Dow Plus Their Selected Pals

This Posting is one of several that I use for a Tuesday Instablog. It is simple a referral to my latest article on one of the Dow Jones 30 Industrial companies or perhaps one of their "Pals."

Here is my weekend article - - URL:

My hope is you will like these articles as well as my archive of over 100 articles here in or perhaps my many contributions to If you do, I would appreciate having the opportunity to visit with you via Email about my asset management or consulting professional services. 50 years of profitable advice is something you might be glad you checked out.

My most recent articles have been posted in are: AA, AAPL, BAC, C, CMCSA, CSCO, F, GOOG, INTC, MSFT, AT&T and XOM. You might want to read or re-read these articles for the accuracy of my forecasts of these companies. I believe you will be impressed.

General Market - - Where are We and Where are we Going?

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